How to Avoid Creative Burnout at Work

how to avoid creative burnoutThere’s a lot to love about being a creative. Designers, artists, and other creators get to channel their passion into a field they care about, all while earning a healthy salary. Not many people can say they work their dream job, and most creatives recognize just how lucky they are in their roles. Unfortunately, doing what you love for a living has its downsides. Workplace burnout is possible in any field, but when you pour so much of your heart and soul into your job, the stakes feel that much higher.

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or are experiencing creative burnout at the office, consider trying these tips on for size. With just a little effort, you can maintain a healthy work/life balance while prioritizing the creative work that means so much to you both personally and professionally.

Minimize Distractions

Whether you’re a painter with your own private studio or a busy graphic designer sharing an open office with your colleagues, distractions are a challenge for just about everyone. While we like to think of ourselves as excellent multitaskers who can put out fires as they ignite, working on too many projects at once is a recipe for workplace burnout. Even the simple act of pausing to answer a phone call or email can disrupt creative flow, making it difficult to get back on track once the interruption is handled.

If you’re serious about avoiding creative burnout in the workplace, do everything you can to minimize distractions. This is easier said than done, of course, but focusing on one task at a time can boost productivity and help keep your creative juices flowing in one purposeful direction. Chat with your superiors about how distractions are impacting your workflow. Ask if there’s a way to shift some of the more administrative tasks elsewhere – they might surprise you with how understanding and flexible they’re willing to be!

Balance Daily Duties

In most jobs, ignoring emails and letting phone calls roll to voicemail just isn’t an option. Even the most understanding of supervisors will expect you to stay communicative and answer questions as they arise. As much as you might like to avoid these interruptions, there is a certain degree of administrative work required of even the most successful creative. Unfortunately, though, these added tasks can throw off your balance and ultimately lead to workplace burnout.

Rather than trying to juggle it all, break up your daily tasks into categories. Group the duties by how much focus they require or by how long they’ll take to complete. Then create a rough schedule for your day, with entire blocks dedicated to checking duties off the list by category. For instance, you might try tackling your blog post or latest graphic design project as soon as you get to the office in the morning. Not only will you free up more time later in the day to take care of other tasks as they crop up, but you’ll also ensure you’re at your most energetic and rejuvenated when completing creative jobs. Obviously, this will vary from person to person as peak creativity comes at different times for each of us, so schedule according to your strengths.

Strive for Perfection, but Accept Greatness

Too often, we allow perfection to be the enemy of greatness. While it’s important to maintain high standards for your work, the pressure to perform at such an intense level can lead to creative burnout. It’s difficult to create when you’re focused on topping your last successful project.

Perfection is a luxury most of us can’t afford (and perfectionists are actually more susceptible to burnout)! If you’re short on time and need to complete a creative project on a tight deadline, ditch your expectations and accept great instead of perfect. Chances are good that nobody will notice but you!

Collaborate with Others and Delegate Non-Creative Tasks

Many creatives are lone wolves, working independently to deliver a singular vision. In order to avoid workplace burnout, though, collaboration is a must. Many people argue that they can accomplish more on their own than by delegating tasks to others, but this belief is often rooted in anxiety. It can be difficult to hand over the reins to your coworkers, but trust in one another will ultimately lead to a more streamlined production process.

Simplify your work day by delegating tasks that don’t require your expertise to the talented people like those on staff at MAP Communications. Our virtual receptionists, for example, are highly-trained professionals who are eager to handle your phone calls while you focus on your latest project. By connecting with people who are just as passionate about their line of work as you are yours, you’ll set everyone up for success.

Put an End to Burnout

There are a wide range of tools and resources available to help put an end to creative burnout for good. MAP Communications is one of the best options for managing calls, scheduling appointments, and qualifying leads. Whatever your administrative demands, our team can help guide you to a healthier work/life balance that maximizes your creativity. Since our services can be turned on and off at your convenience, we’re also one of the most affordable and flexible resources around.

Give MAP a try today by signing up for our free, week-long trial. You’ll have seven days to experience the MAP difference with zero cost or obligations. Get started now so you can get back to letting your creative juices flow!

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