Customizing Your Call Center

Handling customer calls is one of the key aspects of running a successful business. Keeping customers happy means that they will stay with your company longer, and could ultimately refer significant amounts of new business over time. Of course, as a company grows, it often becomes unrealistic for existing employees to handing the always-increasing number of customer calls. A call center can solve this problem by offering a centralized and streamlined process for answer customer questions. However, when outsourcing, it is important to ensure that the unique needs of your business are met, which is why MAP Communications believes that every business needs a specialized call center solution.

MAP Communications offers an industry-leading service with a comprehensive suite of customizable services designed to address your company’s specific needs. Some of the most popular call center services offered by MAP Communications include:Call center analytics

Detailed analytics reports

For businesses that are outsourcing their inbound call center operations for the first time, it can be unnerving to “lose control” over the information that customer calls typically provide. In reality, having your customers call into our call centers will ultimately provide your company with far more information about those customers than you otherwise would have had. This is because MAP Communications uses an integrated system that incorporates information such as reasons for the customer call, length of call, and number of calls required to solve the problem, and many more. Best of all, MAP Communications provides detailed reports on these metrics, each of which can be customized by your company to include the specific and detailed metrics that are most relevant to growing and maintaining your company.

Customized call screening

When a call comes into your office with a technical question, you probably wouldn’t want that call to be forwarded to the accounting department. Of course, when you outsource your call center operations to a third-party like MAP Communications, the ability to screen calls to quickly determine which department they should be handled by becomes even more important. MAP Communications offers a fully-customizable set of rules and instructions which help ensure that every call that comes into our call centers is answered by an individual who has the knowledge and authority to fully solve the problem.

Full integration with your company’s existing IT infrastructure

The MAP Communications software is designed to fully integrate into your company’s existing website and other IT infrastructure. Our team of experts can help make the onboarding process as quick and easy as possible, which means effectively no downtime when transitioning to our call center, and a consistent user experience for you and your employees.

Real-time activity monitoring

When customer service calls are coming directly into your office to be answered by your own employees, you can get a qualitative, if not quantitative, sense of who is calling at which times of the day or week, and what they are calling about. While this information is certainly valuable, it is also limited by the memories of your employees and your ability to focus on one aspect of your business – in this case, customer service calls – instead of the many other aspects that undoubtedly will demand your attention.

Real-time activity monitoring through MAP Communications allows you to check in and see the number and reason for calls at any given time through the easy-to-use and understand monitoring service. In conjunction with analytics reports, this allows you to see exactly how and why customers are calling in at a time that works best for you.

Customizable answering and virtual receptionist services

These are just a few examples of the many ways that MAP Communications offers industry-leading answering and virtual receptionist services from within the United States, while still providing your company with the customized and personalized service it needs to keep customers happy and the company growing. For more information about MAP Communications and the services we provide, please take a look at our services page.

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