Call Screening For Small Businesses

When opportunity knocks, you’ve got to answer the door. When opportunity calls, you pick up.

Some business phone calls bring forth questions and concerns. Others present new chances to grow your business. Indeed, a constantly ringing telephone is often the sign of a thriving organization.

Of course, not every phone call will necessarily usher in a wave of new business. In fact, a ringing telephone can be a real nuisance, interrupting your workflow with questions that could easily be answered by others.

Thankfully, there’s a way to bypass unnecessary interruptions and prioritize the most important kinds of calls. A call screening service can help you separate the urgent, necessary conversations from less pressing kinds of calls.

What is Call Screening?

Call Screening Solutions

So just what is call screening? It’s the process of evaluating which phone calls to take, which to forward onto a colleague, and when to take messages to come back to later. You likely already screen incoming phone calls without realizing there’s an official term for it.

Some people screen calls by listening to messages on their voicemail. Others simply check the caller ID and make a spur of the moment decision whether to answer. These strategies aren’t always effective. Calls still interrupt your workflow, regardless of whether or not you answer.

Automatic call screening is an option, but it, too, has limitations. Callers may be put off by a robotic voice urging them to leave a message or to call back later. You’ve only got one chance at a first impression, and screening calls using an app or voicemail may alienate the callers you’re hoping to win over.

A phone call screen doesn’t have to mean sacrificing customer service. By partnering with a live call screening service, you can prioritize the customer experience while also minimizing interruptions. The benefits of such a partnership are endless.


Benefits of a Call Screening Service

You and your colleagues work hard to take care of customers. Whether your day is spent fulfilling orders, assisting customers in-store, or out in the field problem solving, it’s unlikely that you’ll be available to answer the phone every time it rings. A phone call screening service covers you while you’re away from your desk, ensuring that there’s always a real live human being waiting to greet callers.

Day or night, your customers can dial in and speak with a helpful receptionist who can keep communications flowing. Meanwhile, you and your team can focus on important daily operational duties without constant interruption. Since receptionists work from customized call scripts tailored to your precise policies and procedures, you’ll never have to worry about your brand standards being lost in the shuffle.

Call screening services instantly make your business more accessible. Callers won’t have to sit through endless menu options and recordings. Instead, they’re connected with a real person and immediately assisted with their reason for calling. This kind of personalized approach is what builds lasting professional relationships.

Call Forwarding, Voicemail, and Screened Call Connections

With a call screening service at your disposal, you and your team will enjoy complete flexibility in how your calls are handled. Callers are connected to you, forwarded to other team members, or given the opportunity to leave a directly-accessible voicemail – all based on your specific instructions.

Want to set aside some time to be completely unavailable by phone but still have your calls answered? Good thinking—a caller is far more likely to leave a message, and to form a favorable impression of you and your company, if they speak with a live receptionist first.

Want certain calls patched through but other callers transferred to various team members? You tell us how calls are handled, and we do the rest.

Prefer being notified about each call as it comes in? You can decide whether to be connected, have the call transferred, or listen to a message later. If your business needs that type of control, we’re happy to accommodate it.

No matter what time of day or night or when in the week or year your calls are coming in, they’ll be answered, messages taken, and urgent calls connected straight to you. Think of your phone lines as puppet strings—you can make them do whatever you want.


However you prefer your calls to be handled, one thing is certain: professional, pleasant, well-trained receptionists will greet every caller quickly and with an audible smile. Providing excellent customer service doesn’t have to mean employing a full-time staff of receptionists to cover your telephones, or that you have to answer every call yourself. Partner with the right phone call screening service, and you’ll find freedom from the perpetually ringing of the telephone without neglecting the customer experience.

100 Percent US-Based Call Screening Services

A phone call screening service can save you serious money and time, all while improving the customer experience for each caller. Live representatives from MAP Communications are trained to offer a seamless, high quality call screening service. Learn why so many businesses opt to partner with us when they’re eager to offer customers the very best.

When you’re ready to give MAP a try, we’ll be ready to answer your call!

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