Call Screening For Small Businesses

Using an Answering Service to Screen Calls and Focus on Business

Incoming calls are important. They bring problems and solutions to your attention, they give you information about opportunities for growth, and they bring you customer inquiries and orders that allow your business to flourish. A ringing telephone can also be a nuisance, though, interrupting your workflow with questions that could easily be answered by others or taking up your time with solicitors and others who won’t add value to your business at all.

If only there was a way for you to get the calls you really needed without being interrupted by the calls you don’t. A way that ensured all callers were greeted promptly, professional, and pleasantly, while only customers and other important callers were actually connected with you. Some sort of call screening service…

Our live virtual receptionists provide you with real people that will answer all of your calls, follow your specific call-handling instructions, and keep your over-the-phone communications flowing without becoming a source of disruption.

Call Forwarding, Voice Mail, and Screened Call Connections

Call Screening Solutions

When you have an effective call screening and answering service for small business in place, you can enjoy complete flexibility in how your calls are handled to ensure your callers get the best experience while you get the benefit of less time on the phone. Callers are connected to you, forwarded to other team members, or given the opportunity to leave a directly-accessible voicemail, all based on your specific instructions.

Want to set aside some time to be completely unavailable by phone but still have your calls answered? Good thinking—a caller is far more likely to leave a message, and to form a favorable impression of you and your company, if they speak with a live receptionist first. Want certain calls passed through but other callers transferred to various team members or given a voicemail option? You tell us how calls are handled, and we do the rest. Prefer being notified about each call as it comes in and deciding whether to be connected, have the call transferred, or listen to a message later? If your business needs that type of control, we’re happy to accommodate it.

No matter what time of day or night or when in the week or year your calls are coming in, they’ll be answered, messages taken, and urgent calls connected straight to you. Think of your phone lines as puppet strings—you can make them do whatever you want.


Professional Call Screeners for Happy Clients

However each call is handled, one thing should always be consistent at a good call screening service: professional, pleasant, well-trained receptionists greeting every caller quickly and with an audible smile. Providing excellent customer service doesn’t have to mean employing a full-time bank of receptionists to man your telephones, or that you have to answer every call yourself. Get the right call screening answering service, and you get the freedom of call screening while your customers get the personal attention of trained phone professionals.

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