The Importance of Call Screening for Small Businesses

call screeningWhen opportunity knocks, you’ve got to answer the door. When opportunity calls, you pick up.

Every call you receive is a potential opportunity – potential being the key word. While it’s possible a ringing telephone may bring new business, there’s just as good a chance that the person on the end of the line may just have questions and concerns. In fact, inbound telephone calls can be pretty disruptive. There’s nothing quite as annoying as finding yourself in the zone at work and being pulled away by a call that could have easily been answered by someone else.

Thankfully, there’s a way to bypass unnecessary interruptions and prioritize the most important kinds of calls. A call screening service can help you separate the urgent, necessary conversations from less pressing kinds of calls.

What is Call Screening?

So just what is call screening? It’s the process of evaluating which phone calls to take, which to forward onto a colleague, and when to take messages to come back to later. You likely already screen incoming phone calls without realizing there’s an official term for it.

Call screening strategies vary. Letting calls roll to voicemail and checking the messages later is one option. Others rely on caller ID to help them make knee jerk decisions about whether or not to answer. These strategies are metaphorical bandaids – calls will still interrupt your workflow, even if you decide not to answer.

Automatic call screening is an option, but it, too, has limitations. Callers may be put off by a robotic voice urging them to leave a message or to call back later. You’ve only got one chance at a first impression, and screening calls using an app or voicemail may alienate the callers you’re hoping to win over.

A phone call screen doesn’t have to mean sacrificing customer service. By partnering with a live call screening service, you can prioritize the customer experience while also minimizing interruptions. The benefits of such a partnership are endless.

How Does Call Screening Work?

Phone screening works by identifying inbound callers. Action is taken based on the rules you set around schedules and the status of the recipient. The sky’s the limit when it comes to these call parameters. Let’s say you’re a busy realtor looking to connect with local homebuyers. If you’re hoping to sidestep a growing influx of spam calls from international numbers, you might opt to send all calls from local area codes directly to your personal cell while letting international calls roll to voicemail.

Maybe you’re a busy physician who owns their own practice. If you’re hoping to get away for the weekend but want to remain on call for patients experiencing emergencies, call screening can ensure that only the most pressing conversations are patched through to your line. Non-emergency conversations can be managed by business call answering service employees.

Say you’re a busy plumber who oversees a team of 10. When you’re on a job and need to focus on the task at hand, set up phone call screening to direct inbound calls to your colleagues instead. After finishing up on site, head back to the office and switch call forwarding off again.

The beauty of call screening is that you make the rules. Set new parameters each week, or stick to tried and true strategies month after month. You can even set your phone to “do not disturb” status to put all inbound calls on hold. The choice is yours.

Benefits of a Call Screening Service

A phone screening service can do wonders for your organization’s productivity. Whether you’re a solopreneur, team of two, or you oversee hundreds of employees, such a service allows you to reclaim your time. Set parameters for screening so only the most pressing of calls are patched through to your direct line. Routing rules let you control whether or not to answer the phone without hurting the caller’s experience.

Unwanted calls are incredibly disruptive. With a business answering service at your disposal, you can stem the tide of time-wasting conversations. Agents can address common questions and concerns and forward on only the most pressing of conversations. This helps reduce the number of calls you receive directly, minimizing the opportunities for disruption. Imagine how much more you and your colleagues might accomplish each day without the constant ringing of the telephone interrupting your flow.

As we grow increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy work/life balance, more people are searching for ways to create space from their professional lives. Call screening services offer real freedom for those looking to take time off without sacrificing customer service goals. With your specific parameters in place, call center agents can hold down the metaphorical fort while you relax and recover after a long day at work.

Call Forwarding, Voicemail, and Screened Call Connections

A call screening service offers you total flexibility in how inbound calls should be handled. Callers can be directly connected to your line, forwarded onto other members of your team, or provided the chance to leave a message – the choice is yours.

Many professionals dream of uninterrupted time they can spend focused on the most important tasks of the day. Doing so often means sacrificing the customer experience. With call screening at your disposal, this dream can become a reality without neglecting your customers. A live receptionist can promote a professional image, even when you’re not available. These customer service experts can assist callers with common questions and encourage them to leave a message when necessary.

Perhaps you want certain calls patched through but prefer other callers to be transferred to your colleagues. Tell us about your preferences and we’ll direct calls based on the rules you set. You can even opt to be notified about each call as it comes in, allowing you to make real-time decisions about whether to be connected, have the call transferred, or to listen to voicemails later. Phone call screening offers this flexibility.

No matter what time of day or night or when in the week or year your calls are coming in, they’ll be answered, messages taken, and urgent calls connected straight to you. Think of your phone lines as puppet strings—you can make them do whatever you want.


However you prefer your calls to be handled, one thing is certain: professional, pleasant, well-trained receptionists will greet every caller quickly and with an audible smile. Providing excellent customer service doesn’t have to mean employing a full-time staff of receptionists to cover your telephones, or that you have to answer every call yourself. Partner with the right phone call screening service, and you’ll find freedom from the perpetually ringing of the telephone without neglecting the customer experience.

Our phone answering service for businesses is staffed by highly-trained virtual receptionists. They work tirelessly to present a professional image for your organization. Before answering a single call on your behalf, we work to understand your business’s unique policies, procedures, and preferred language. When the phone rings, we’re ready to leap into action. Working from customized call scripts ensures a seamless transition from your office to ours. In many cases, callers have no idea they’re speaking with a call screening service.

Virtual receptionists make every caller feel valued. These professionals also help reduce wait times. Dealing with unwanted spam calls can be incredibly time-consuming. With a small business answering service on hand, the most important calls are pushed to the front of the line, while time-wasting conversations are eliminated. This strategy can save your team valuable time and energy while ensuring that real customers aren’t neglected.

100 Percent US-Based Call Screening Services

Unwanted calls can tie up phone lines and place undue burdens on your team. By screening calls, you can reduce the number of spam and scam calls that get through, allowing your organization to focus on the customer experience instead. Customize your call screening approach for individuals or introduce company-wide procedures. Equally effective for in-house and remote teams, call screening offers the flexibility you need to stay productive and focused without neglecting your customers.

A phone call screening service can save you serious money and time, all while improving the customer experience for each caller. Live representatives from MAP Communications are trained to offer a seamless, high quality call screening service. Learn why so many businesses opt to partner with us when they’re eager to offer customers the very best.

When you’re ready to give MAP a try, we’ll be ready to answer your call!

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