How Saul Goodman Would Write Your Business Answering Service Script

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When you’re hoping to design the perfect answering service script, it can help to look to Hollywood for guidance. While movies and television shows don’t always portray the most flattering or accurate customer experiences on screen, there are often useful universal truths buried within the depiction. You need look no farther than AMC’s Better Call Saul for guidance on designing the ideal customer experience.

Better Call Saul follows the adventures – and misadventures – of Jimmy McGill, better known as Saul Goodman. He’s a sauve, morally gray, hilarious character that audiences first grew to love on Breaking Bad. Saul struggles with money and ethics from time to time, but he never fails to at least attempt to do right by his clients.

Make Callers Feel Important

When beginning your business answering service script, it helps to start with a personalized greeting. Making callers feel important is part of Saul Goodman’s MO – “be folksy,” he encourages his receptionist as she chats with an older caller. Saul is even known to slip on British accents and a Southern lilt based on the client with whom he’s serving.

While it might not be feasible to change up your own accent every time you answer the phone, it’s always possible to make callers feel important. As you design your answering service script, work to develop easy rapport with each caller. Start by exchanging names. It’s a quick and easy way to put a face to the voice on the end of the line and instantly humanizes both parties.

Lead with Confidence

“If you’re committed enough, you can make any story work. I once told a woman I was Kevin Costner, and it worked because I believed it.” – Breaking Bad, season three, episode 11

The very best Saul Goodman quotes illustrate his commitment to his image. Though his education is questionable and his work experience is spotty at best, Saul always portrays himself as a ultra-savvy, ultra-confident hot shot attorney. While we’d never advise misconstruing yourself to customers, Saul proves that confidence can get you far.

As you develop your answering service script, consider how your business persona comes off to callers. Regardless of whether you’re a Fortune 500 corporation or a one-man operation, it’s important to project a tone of authority and respect every time your phone rings.

Branding is Everything

Better Call Saul is a master class in the art of branding. In the show, Saul’s face is plastered across billboards, bus stops, matchboxes and even bingo cards. While it might sound like a strange strategy at first, those bingo cards came in handy when it came time to market to older clients. As you develop your business phone call greeting script, it helps to keep your target audience in mind.

Identifying your ideal customer can help you craft the perfect answering service script. Just as Saul targets possible clients living in a local nursing home, businesses can shape their call scripts to appeal to specific types of callers, too. As you build up your brand via marketing and advertising campaigns, be sure to match that same energy in every phone call you answer.

Exude Success and Exclusivity

Successful professionals are busy all the time. While Saul Goodman might not be the most sought after attorney in town, he makes sure to convey a sense of success and productivity any time the phone rings. While picking up the phone every time it rings might make for great customer service, Saul knows the value of appearing too busy to cater to each of his clients’ whims. He could actually really use a remote receptionist service to help handle calls and boost his professional image. Plus, there is no room for an in-house receptionist in that closet he calls his office during the early seasons anyway.

Working with a business answering service has many perks, but portraying a more professional persona is one of the very best benefits. A customized phone script allows virtual receptionists to mirror the exact customer experience you’d provide if you had the time to answer every call yourself. By using a receptionist service to handle your phones, you come off as busy and successful, but clearly prioritize callers by not sending them to voicemail.

Go Above and Beyond

Saul Goodman would do just about anything for his clients. In season one, he’s able to track down the missing Kettleman couple even after police struggle to locate them. Clever thinking and a willingness to go above and beyond is what sets Saul apart from the competition. That kind of commitment to service is admirable – all companies should strive to match Saul’s drive.

As you look through phone answering script samples, keep Saul’s commitment to his clients in mind. While it might be easy to settle for a standard greeting and call script, it’s important to over-deliver on caller expectations whenever possible. Instead of simply addressing concerns and questions before hanging up, be sure to ask about how else you can assist the caller. Simple additions to your answering service script can earn you customer loyalty like nothing else.

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