3 Ways an After Hours Answering Service Builds Business

It’s 5pm and your receptionist heads out for the day, while you stay at the office to finish up some extra work and head on home. Yet, the phone keeps ringing while you’re there and even after you leave. You can’t answer every phone call. That would defeat the purpose of trying to get work done. So, what can you do? You know these are current customers or potential customers calling, so you don’t want to miss that call. But, it’s just too much for one person to handle once everyone else goes home. Bring an after hours answering service into play, and you’ll be sure you won’t miss out on any important calls from current–or future—customers.

1 – Customers Hate Waiting

Thanks to the popularity of review based sites, today’s customers can truly let their fingers do the walking to find a business with better reviews and better customer service. A sure fire way to tarnish that rep quickly? Let calls ring and ring without responding. One simple way to ensure that potential customers engage with your business quickly and easily is to use a call center service for prompt, professional responses. Customers hate waiting; they want everything immediately and catered to what they want. By partnering with a professional call answering service – your after-hour calls will be answered and your customers will receive the help they need to remain happy.

2 – Get the Information You Need

Customers may hate waiting, but so do you. You want to know as much about your customers as soon as you can. This way, you can better help them. From creating a unique experience for them to providing the right care that they need – the more information you can gather from that initial phone call, the better. That’s why it is great to partner with an after-hours answering service, no matter what time your customers call – they’ll speak to a person who will accurately recount their problems for you. When you are able to speak with a customer on that personal level, it completely transforms their perception of your business. You know what they want and how to help them from the onset. It’s that level of customer service that helps keep customers loyal.

3 – Add that Personal Touch

Nowadays, people are used to talking to machines. People use ATMs as opposed to going into a bank, they shop online rather than going into a store, and they speak to automated answering service whenever they call customer service. Stand apart from the competition by having a person answer your after-hour calls and help your customers with whatever they need. Whether it is setting an appointment, getting in contact with an emergency technician or just finding out your normal operating hours, an after-hours answering service can provide the quality of service you are known for. Having someone readily available to help your current and new customers will help differentiate your business and put you ahead of the game. Your customers will appreciate the extra effort and become loyal brand advocates and spread the word about your business.

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