Improve Your Hotel’s Customer Service with a Live Answering Service

For hotel customers, there is perhaps nothing as frustrating than having to deal with an automated answering system that doesn’t address your needs. Many times, a machine just isn’t capable of answering your question or directing you where you need to go.

For hotel owners, on the other hand, there is perhaps nothing as frustrating as losing a guest because of an automated answering mix-up. In a world of online reviews and social media posts, getting customer service right is a top priority.

Fortunately, there’s an answer to this issue that works to the benefit of both parties: A hospitality answering service.

How a live answering service improves customer service 

The benefits of opting for a live answering service over an automated system are considerable. First and foremost among these advantages is customer service. Human beings are social animals; we enjoy the sound of a live voice, rather than a taped one. If we have a complaint, the sound of another person offering us an empathetic ear sets us at ease. It diffuses the situation, whereas, the sound of an automated system might have the opposite effect.

Additionally, the presence of a live voice sends the customer a message: We care enough about you to provide you with a real person, rather than an automated voice. If you want to earn consistent customer loyalty, this is exactly the kind of message you need to send.

Along with sending your guests a positive message about how much you value their patronage, a live answering service for hotels also allows you to more accurately assess and then address their needs. An automated system, by its very design, is limited in its ability to interact with guests. It cannot make the kind of judgments that are required to find out precisely what a guest needs and how to most effectively deliver that service.

Human beings, on the other hand, are expert problem solvers. We can anticipate issues before they arise, and adapt to new developments as they occur. An automated system can’t do any of this, and is simply incapable of matching a live service in terms of high-end customer service.

Customer service: A key competitive advantage

Here’s a fact that may intrigue you: according to Time Magazine, companies that use a live answering service have shorter wait times than companies using automated systems. This is just one more reason why consumers vastly prefer dealing with live answering services.

The truth is that customer service, especially in the hospitality industry, is a key competitive advantage. Hotels that make the process of booking rooms or calling for services as seamless and responsive as possible will receive greater loyalty from guests — along with both word of mouth and online advertising benefits. Excellent customer service can make a good stay great, and can smooth over any issues that occur during a guest visit.

The takeaway

If your hotel aims to take its customer service to the next level, consider the use of a hotel answering service. By using a friendly human voice in place of an automated system, you’ll have happier guests — and a sterling reputation for customer service. Contact MAP Communications today to get started on your complimentary 7-day live answering service trial.


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