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The Benefits of a 24/7 Answering Service to Your Business

  In years past, companies could get away with being less than fully accessible. That won’t work in today’s digitally-driven, highly connected culture. Most customers expect the businesses they patronize to be accessible, always. In order to compete at the highest level, companies should make accessibility an absolute priority. With that in mind, let’s review the benefits… Read more »

Using a Small Business Answering Service to Balance Work and Family Time

  Most business owners know the critical importance of maintaining strong relationships with customers. Being available for your clients whenever they have a need, or a question is a great way to cultivate these key relationships. Keeping your customers satisfied and engaged is the cornerstone of any successful, long-term business enterprise. Unfortunately, this deep level of customer engagement often comes at… Read more »

5 Tips to Increase Leads — Yet Decrease Advertising Costs

Generating leads that convert into positive sales is for bread and butter for your business. The more leads that can be placed into the sales funnel, the more opportunities you will have to coax them to ultimately buy your products and services. Yet marketing strategies and advertising tactics don’t come cheap. While you are finding… Read more »

How 24/7 Can Positively Impact Your Business

We all want our customers to like us. Study after study has proven that customers buy from people (and companies) that they like. The problem that often arises is determining precisely the best way to gain the goodwill of your customers. Believe it or not, it is often seemingly minor changes that can have the greatest impact… Read more »

3 Ways an After Hours Answering Service Builds Business

It’s 5pm and your receptionist heads out for the day, while you stay at the office to finish up some extra work and head on home. Yet, the phone keeps ringing while you’re there and even after you leave. You can’t answer every phone call. That would defeat the purpose of trying to get work… Read more »

Don’t Miss a Call While You’re In Court! Phone Answering For Attorneys

You might not have considered attorney answering services before, but it’s something you should strongly consider. Think about the last time you were in court. How many calls came into your office during that time? While you probably have a receptionist there to take calls, what happens when she runs to the restroom, or takes her… Read more »

Inbound Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services

Discover How a Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services can Streamline Workflow Running a business requires having your fingers in a lot of different pies. Chances are one of those pies is managing your customers’ phone calls regarding basic information, order taking, scheduling appointments, and a variety of other queries. For any company and its employees,… Read more »