Third Party Answering Service

Long-term success in business depends greatly on customer satisfaction. While delivering on expectations might be enough to make an initial positive first impression, you’ll need to continue to delight and inspire if you’re hoping to motivate repeat business. If you’re hoping to design customer experiences that provide the same level of attention and quality of service every time the phone rings, a third party answering service may be the solution.

third party answering service

Benefits of Hiring a Third Party Customer Service Provider

Increased flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of partnering with a 3rd party answering service. With a team of receptionists ready to take your inbound calls at your disposal, you’ll have the free time necessary to take clients to lunch, spend more time with customers in person, and leave the office knowing your callers are in good hands. These are far from the only perks of such a partnership, though. If you’re looking for more reasons to justify seeking out 3rd party customer support, we’ve got a few:

Customized Service

While it can be difficult to imagine handing over the reins of your carefully designed customer experience, customized call scripts can do wonders to help ease the transition. Our 3rd party answering service team works to emulate your organization’s precise language, policies and procedures. In many cases, callers have no idea they’re speaking with a third party customer service provider.

By outsourcing your customer service, you guarantee there is always a friendly, helpful voice on the end of the line. Rather than rely on outdated automated systems, you’ll provide a personalized experience your callers won’t soon forget. Taking a more customized approach to the experience of your customers can help you stand out from the crowd and keep people coming back to your business time and time again.

24/7 Availability

The ramifications of the labor shortage have rippled throughout most industries. One of the most common side effects is a worse work/life balance. Small business owners are shouldering more than ever. Thankfully, a 3rd party answering service can provide much-needed administrative support for busy professionals 24 hours a day. That means you can take a night off or hit the road for a vacation without abandoning your customers. Instead of getting your voicemail, they’ll be treated to round-the-clock support when they need it most.

24/7 availability from staff typically means shelling out for expensive overtime coverage. With a third party answering service at your disposal, you can provide callers support with minimal expense on your part. The result is affordable, quality customer service when your callers need it most.


Hiring administrative workers to take your calls can be expensive. Even if you only hire someone to work part time, you’ll still need to outfit them with the supplies and equipment necessary to perform their duties. Sick leave, vacation time, and other benefits only add to the expense. By partnering with a third party customer service company, you can skip the labor-intensive hiring process and the high costs of bringing on a new employee.

The receptionists at MAP Communications are trained to hit the ground running. With a full set of administrative tools at their disposal, third party customer service employees can begin scheduling appointments, placing orders, answering caller questions and providing tier one tech support right away. With low monthly rates and coverage you can tailor to your needs, there’s no denying the affordability of such 3rd party customer support.


Customer privacy is more important than ever. No matter your industry, our third party answering service providers can carefully collect caller data and keep it protected. Those in the medical community know the importance of HIPAA. Our HIPAA-compliant service ensures that sensitive medical information is always protected. This kind of service isn’t just nice to have – it’s actually legally required. We provide each of our employees with comprehensive training to ensure that every call is handled with HIPAA-compliant privacy and care.

Get Your Free Week of Third Party Answering Service

These benefits of partnering with a third party customer service provider are truly just the beginning. Once you sign on with MAP Communications, you’ll see just how powerful our services can be. By leveraging our talent and tools for your organization, you’re sure to deliver on customer expectations every time the phone rings. After more than 30 years in the business, we know a thing or two about delighting callers!

Are you ready to give MAP’s third party answering service a try? We’ve got good news: we’re currently offering a free week trial of our services! For seven days, you can see firsthand how useful our receptionists can be. Click here to sign up and one of our helpful team members will be in touch shortly.