Employee Hotline Services + Hotline Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services

As a premiere North American hotline service provider, MAP Communications works with businesses to develop solutions that greatly enhance their companies through our customized employee hotline services.

From employee relations to crisis lines and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant reporting hotlines, MAP Communications has the resources your company requires to help efficiently manage employees. Highly-trained MAP agents will help improve communications, hold stakeholders accountable and help improve the general satisfaction of your team. Employee hotline services are the answer to many of the most common workplace challenges, and MAP is here to help.

No matter your requirements, we’re here to meet them. We offer several varieties of hotline call center services for businesses.

COVID-19 Employee Reporting Hotline Service

As companies bring employees back to the workplace, it must be done tactfully and carefully. Health concerns, guidelines passed down from governments, and liability issues all form a series of new hurdles for employers. Our Coronavirus employee reporting hotline is an ideal solution for the less than ideal circumstances your business faces. Learn more about our COVID-19 employee reporting hotlines.

Whistleblower Hotline Services

Our whistleblower hotline can help keep your workplace transparent, with opportunities for your employees to anonymously phone in any concerns they have about procedure violations, harassment, or any other kind of unethical behavior. Private and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, our whistleblower hotline helps solve an increasingly prevalent workplace challenge. Learn more about our whistleblower hotline solutions.

Employee Call Out Hotline

Any company that has ever struggled to get their employees, managers, and HR on the same page when it comes to absentee reporting can benefit from our services. MAP features employee call-out lines, creating a quick and easy method for your team to report when they will be absent that takes the headache out of the process for everyone involved. Learn more about our employee call out hotlines.

Employee Check In Hotline

For employees who are on the job, a check-in hotline can help supervisors keep tabs on the comings and goings of their team. Our check in hotline solutions can help determine their location, confirm duties have been completed, and most importantly, verify their safety. Learn more about our employee check in hotlines.

Employee Hotline for Emergency Situations

Whether it is a power outage, incoming hurricane, a snow storm, or any other type of event that threatens to derail business as usual, your employees need to know what to do and when to do it. Our emergency hotline solutions can help to swiftly disseminate important information and cut through the chaos. This is the tool you can use to ensure each person knows whether they should stay home, come in at a later time, meet at a different location, etc. Learn more about our employee hotlines for emergency situations.

Employee Hotline Services for all situations

Whether your employees are under the weather, need to report their locations, are facing an emergency or simply want to report suspicious behaviors in the workplace, hotline services provide timely responses in everything from routine circumstances to chaotic moments. No matter your industry, there will inevitably be a moment where you’ll wish you had a central phone line for your staff to dial and check-in. MAP’s 24-hour availability will be invaluable in such times.

Hotline vendors offer call center services, but MAP goes above and beyond to create customizable scripts and deliver messages based on your specific requirements. This level of personalization is what helps separate us from our competitors. No matter your message, you’ll rest easy knowing that MAP will convey it with fidelity.

If your company could benefit from a hotline service provider, look no further than MAP Communications. Employee-owned and operated, our team is just as invested in your callers as you are. Because our success is linked directly with yours, we handle each incoming call the way you would. Whether you’re hoping to increase the transparency in your organization, simplify the employee absence process, provide a check-in service or simply get everyone on the same page in emergency situations, we have the resources necessary. The ideal solution to many of the most common workplace challenges, our hotline services are highly useful in an ever-changing world.

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