How an Answering Service Can Boost Your Law Firm’s Reputation

When someone looks for legal advice, there are a few specific things that will typically be at the top of their priority list. Beyond a law firm having the specific expertise the client is looking for, the firm’s reputation is often the most important consideration. A strong reputation is something that can take many years to build, and is typically bolstered by lots of clients referring business and having positive things to say. Of course, while building a credible status over time is certainly worthwhile, taking active steps beyond just being a great lawyer to build your law firm’s reputation is important as well.

Build your law firm’s reputation with a legal answering service

If you’ve never used a legal answering service before, you might be wondering how it can contribute to your firm’s reputation. While the logistical benefits of an answering service are more straightforward, the benefits to reputation might not be as readily apparent. Here are just three examples of how a legal answering service can boost the reputation of your law firm and bring you more good business.

Better first impression for potential clients

If you’re a smaller law firm, chances are you don’t have the extra bandwidth for answering phone calls. Most paralegals (and interns) will typically be consumed with tasks including research, submitting documentation, and any of the other million tasks that must get done in a law firm. Beyond that, certain times of the week (or year, depending on the specific type of law your firm practices) will be even busier, making it even more difficult to handle calls in a prompt and timely manner. Of course on the weekends and after-hours, when potential clients are off from work, there is no one there to answer calls at all, which can leave clients hanging when they need you most.

Now think about how this differs from a large law firm in Los Angeles or Manhattan. They probably have a team of receptionists ready to field calls from potential clients. The ability to quickly speak to a live person, and better yet, one who can answer questions, leaves a much better first impression than a voicemail box does.

With a legal answering service, you can replicate the experience new clients would get at a large law firm, without taking on excessive costs or overburdening your paralegal team.

Better customer service for existing clients

Beyond the benefits for potential clients, a legal answering service can directly benefit your existing clients as well. Even if they’ve worked with you for years, it is still very beneficial to give the impression that you have a team working all the time just for them. With a legal answering service, you can ensure that their calls are always answered, and that any urgent matters are directed to the appropriate individual. A legal answering service also help ensure that calls from clients are properly addressed. In a busy law firm, it’s easy for a client call to get misplaced or forgotten due to something serious coming up. An answering service ensures that calls are properly recorded and addressed in a timely manner.

Delegate tasks, free up paralegals

Finally, a legal answering service frees up you, your busy paralegals, interns, and even front office staff (if you’re fortunate enough to have them) to handle other matters in the office. By allowing incoming calls to be handled by an outside source, your team is free to work on other pressing matters.

MAP Communications specializes in legal answering services, and can even be directed to handle private and sensitive client information — if your firm so chooses. To learn more about the legal answering services offered by our experienced team, simply call 888-252-6555 or sign up for a free 7-day trial.

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