Upgrade your Event Planning Service with a Virtual Receptionist


With holiday parties in full-bloom, your event planning business should be thriving! If you’re ready to upgrade your business, one approach may be hiring a live virtual receptionist. They can answer the phone, schedule appointments and keep you on track–no matter how busy this holiday season may become!

The Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist for Event Planners

Using a professional virtual receptionist can help elevate your event planning business to the next level. While it’s natural to feel that you and your staff must personally answer each and every call that comes in to your business, the truth is that freeing your company staff to focus on ongoing events allows you to provide higher quality customer service to your current clients. An experienced virtual receptionist can offer customer service expertise as well as appointment scheduling services so you can make sure to keep your events calendar booked full of clients.

In addition, a virtual receptionist can provide key information to current customers who may call with last minute questions about their event late into the night or early in the morning. Using a professional receptionist service means that you can offer all of your customers 24/7 access to your business, without having to personally burn the candle at both ends. A high-quality virtual receptionist service will allow you to customize scripts, so that you can ensure that callers will get the right information to set their mind at ease.

Integrating a Live Virtual Receptionist with Your Event Planning Business

A key benefit of working with a live virtual receptionist when you run an event planning business is that you can take a step away from the hectic back and forth of phone calls and focus on the details of an event.

Once you hire a remote receptionist, work with them on customized scripts and scheduling systems to keep communication smooth and seamless between your company and your clients. While you stay focused on ensuring the food, decor, music, and venue are all perfect, your team of virtual receptionists will be standing by to schedule future services, develop new leads, or by your go-to contact point for event registration. A successful working relationship with a professional virtual receptionist service will make it seem as if your schedule gets magically populated with new business overnight, without you having to manage a single step in the process!

This is a great way to develop positive word-of-mouth business as well. When your clients and their guests are pleased with your holiday event, you’re likely to get a number of referrals sent your way. Having a 24-hour phone number for new referrals to call at any time, day or night, will take the pressure off of you.

With the assistance of a live virtual receptionist, you can take advantage of your busy holiday season and leverage new contacts for major growth in the New Year. For more information on how to hire a professional virtual receptionist for your event planning business, contact MAP Communications. We’re an experienced live receptionist service company based right here in the United States. Contact us today to discuss what a customized solution would look like for you, and get ready to elevate your event planning business to the next level!

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