Event Registration & RSVP Answering Services

Get the best turnout for your event with MAP Communications professional telephone answering services for event registration and RSVPs.

a woman calling to register for an event

Every detail matters when you’re planning a big event. From the menu to the decorations to the guest list, it seems there’s always another item on the to-do list to consider. Whether you’re organizing a charity gala, a corporate seminar, or an annual summer camp, guest registration is of utmost importance. Too often, it falls by the wayside during the planning of a big event. 

You can make event registration easy and efficient with our RSVP answering service. A professional receptionist answers every call to ensure your guest list is handled, giving you free time to focus on other details of your event. Our 24/7 availability makes registering for your next big event a breeze.

Live Call Handling and Event Registration

You and your team have enough on your collective plate without being constantly interrupted by the ringing of the telephone. Allow an event registration service provider to handle your guest list. 24-hour registration, bilingual support, and efficient organizing of your guest list makes for effortless event planning thanks to our professional answering service.

Your guests can call and register for your event at their convenience. With an answering service for RVSP on hand, callers won’t be subjected to robotic voicemail machines or phone menu options. Instead, they’ll be greeted by a professional, polite virtual receptionist based in the United States. You may even see an uptick in the number of anticipated guests when you give people the freedom to RSVP on their schedules.

Customized RSVP Answering Solutions

Customized call scripts guide every phone call our RSVP answering service handles. Your organization’s preferred messaging, language, policies and procedures are all reflected in that call script. In many cases, your callers may never even realize they’re speaking with a third-party phone RSVP service.

Once your callers are connected to our RSVP call center, their registration details will be carefully recorded. Any necessary payments can be processed immediately, and questions the caller might have can be answered by our team. As an extension of your organization, we become experts in your preferences in how calls are handled and the upcoming event itself, ready to rise to any concern callers may have. A partnership with MAP’s answering service for event registration is the next best thing to answering each call yourself!

Improve Your Event Planning Efforts with MAP Communications

Your event begins long before the first guests arrives. To craft a truly memorable occasion, you’ve got to welcome guests from the moment they opt to RSVP. When it comes to winning over your guests, nothing can match the convenience or efficiency of our RSVP answering service. You’ll save valuable time, money and energy on the backend too – your colleagues are sure to breathe a sigh of relief when they learn you’ve outsourced this particular administrative duty.

Companies of all industries and sizes are already taking advantage of our event registration call center. For these businesses, streamlining event registration with a trusted partner like MAP Communications is a no brainer. With so many flexible plans available to meet your event planning requirements, there’s no reason not to give MAP a try today!

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