Types of Technical Support Your Call Center Service Can Provide

You and your team work hard to ensure your services are as user-friendly as possible. No matter how clear your instructions are, though, there will always be customers who need a little extra help understanding how to use your tools and products.

technical support

Whether your callers are young people who were born with iPhones in their hands or grandparents still getting the hang of technology, a call center help desk service can help provide the extra technical support your customers need.

MAP Communications can provide world-class technical support and help desk solutions that can make problem solving both efficient and painless. When customers receive individualized attention, they feel appreciated and valued. This is critical to building the kind of brand loyalty necessary to compete in a crowded marketplace. Our U.S. based customer service representatives build easy rapport with callers as they walk through troubleshooting options. Because our team is bilingual, we can offer support to callers of diverse backgrounds.

Tier 1 Support

When someone calls a customer support line, it’s often as a last resort. By the time they pick up the phone, they’ve often exhausted all of the options they have to solve their problem independently. This often means they are exasperated, tired and impatient by the time they reach a technical support representative. Thankfully, our information technology call center team is staffed by patient professionals who are eager to see your customers satisfied.

Technical support, though intended to be helpful, can sometimes be a professional liability. Handle a frustrated caller the wrong way, and you not only risk losing a valuable customer, but also increase the odds of negative word of mouth reviews making their rounds. Tier one support, however, doesn’t have to be a risky undertaking. By offering courteous, friendly and professional support every time we pick up the phone, MAP turns a potentially negative customer interaction into a positive one. Our live agents can efficiently diagnose issues and put callers at ease in one simple conversation.

Tier one support can include basic troubleshooting and solutions to simple problems. Our team can help gather information about serial numbers, the caller’s tech savviness and about their previous experiences with the issue they are calling about. We can open support tickets and provide callers with tracking information about their challenge. By identifying problems and suggesting solutions, MAP ensures the quickest and easiest way to combat customer frustrations with technology. Even better, our online portal allows for data tracking, giving you a big picture look at common challenges faced by your customers.

Dependable Help Desk and Technical Support Solutions, 24/7

When a customer is struggling with your products or services, the last thing they want when they call is to wade through a complicated automation process or hear a voicemail telling them to call back during business hours. In an increasingly global society, quitting time in your time zone is peak business hours in another. When you fail to offer round the clock support for customers, you risk losing them to your competitors. MAP knows that a missed call is a missed opportunity, which is why we offer call center support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you need extra technical support reps after hours, a few times a month, or during specific periods of time like holidays and weekends, MAP is here to give your customers the help they need when they need it most.

One of the best parts about partnering with MAP is the opportunity to weed out the easy questions from the more difficult challenges. A one size fits all call center solution can tie up phone lines and leave callers frustrated. With MAP quickly answering every phone call that comes our way, we can help solve the most common customer challenges while forwarding on only the most difficult of questions to you and your team via a predetermined escalation process. Don’t spend another minute answering the same old questions again and again. Instead, devote your time to accomplishing the most important items on your to-do list and tackle only the most challenging of customer conundrums.

A Customized Caller Experience

Each MAP Communications virtual receptionist is highly trained to provide stellar customer support and help desk service. We understand that we’re representing your company with each call we take. Our team can even work from a customized script that you help create, ensuring that everything we share with your customers is on-brand. We’re 100% U.S. based and employee owned, so our success is tied to yours, and we’re eager to provide outsourced technical support solutions that will keep everyone happy.

If you’re ready to give MAP a try, give us a call or fill out this form. Let’s chat about the challenges you’re facing and the possible solutions we can offer. By partnering with MAP, you create a plan to increase productivity in your office and increase satisfaction among your customers.

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