Recognizing Clients and Showing Your Appreciation


Your customers are the heart of your business, so going the extra mile to show them you care not only feels good, it’s a sound investment. Providing consistently excellent service and products is definitely a major part of keeping your customer base satisfied, but there are also a few ways to go a bit further to ensure your relationship will be lasting and loyal.

Reassuring Response

Appreciating your clients starts with being there when they truly need you. As this 2014 infographic shows, customers who must wait for minutes on end to reach one of your reps get frustrated and aren’t shy about venting. Build in a call system that allows for low wait times and responsive service, and customers will feel heard, literally. A difficult customer service call can break an otherwise robust relationship, so prioritize your company’s accessibility first and foremost before adding any additional benefits to the client relationship.

Personal vs. Perks

One school of thought regarding customer loyalty is that customers will naturally flock to the business with the best “perks.” For example, the lowest rates, best loyalty rewards program, or even coolest free swag at your retail sites. But as a recent article in Forbes makes clear, customers may tire of being sold on stuff. Instead, today’s customers crave a bit more of a personal touch. These benefits, like opportunities to network with other customers, are often less tangible than a cool pen, but far more meaningful. The personal touch your company offers will vary based on the exact product or service you offer, but this is a great opportunity to think creatively about how your company can better offer intangible perks that won’t cost much more than your time. Whatever you decide to do, make sure the focus is on offering added value or convenience to your customer’s lives. Even a handwritten note on their next order can break through the bustle of daily life to show them that your company truly cares about their business. Deeper attention to what really matters will mean so much more to your customer than another free pile of stuff.

Spotlight Your Stars

It’s one thing to offer a personal handwritten note, but to really wow some customers, it may be worth telling the whole world about them—or at least your whole clientele. Profiling a loyal client’s testimony can be a great way to build loyalty and allegiance to your brand. You can collect these testimonies via your company’s email address or webpage, and you can also train your call center reps to elicit and collect great stories from customers. Take the time to follow up with a few particularly powerful stories, and seek the client’s permission to highlight their story in your newsletter on on your website. Pairing a friendly face with a name and a real story of customer satisfaction can build a feeling of community amongst your clientele, and will make that particular customer feel that they’ve truly been heard and honored.

Appreciating and recognizing your loyal customers does take some time, but it’s vital to put energy into your most important resource. Using a professional call center service, like MAP Communications, can bridge the gap to ensure that your customers always feel heard. With solutions that include live virtual receptionists providing after hours answering service, MAP Communications will keep your customers happy, and your bottom line satisfied.

For more information on how MAP Communications can help you please your current customer base and turn incoming calls into sales, contact us today.

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