8 Marketing Strategies You Need to Try in 2018

The most successful businesses have one thing in common: they find an edge over their competitors.

marketing strategies

Creating the best possible product is one way to do this, but without unique strategies to share your innovation, how will anyone find your company?  Marketing is constantly evolving, which is why it’s important to stay current on the most recent developments and ahead of the curve. By analyzing trends and preparing for the future, you ensure the largest possible audience for your product.

Not sure you’re on the cutting edge of marketing strategies? We’ve got you covered. Here are eight ideas you need to try this year:

Work with Micro Influencers.

We’ve all heard about the power of social media influencers. Whether they are bloggers, YouTube celebrities, models or actors, these influencers reach millions of followers with every post. Micro influencers, however, can be just as powerful. With a smaller audience of 1,000-100,000 followers, micro influencers can connect brands with niche audiences who are incredibly loyal. It’s probably obvious, too, that these micro influencers are typically much more affordable than the average celebrity influencer. Marketing budgets of every size can work with micro influencers to get their business highlighted.

Personalize the Shopping Experience.

Research firm The E-Tailing Group recently found that 40 percent of consumers prefer to buy from stores that personalize their shopping experience. Harness this knowledge to deliver content optimized for a viewer’s browsing habits based on their digital footprint. Everything from the user’s location and purchase history to the weather in their area can be used to provide a seamless, personal online shopping experience. The best part? Personalization doesn’t cost much to implement. It’s usually cheaper to target your existing customers than to go after new ones.

Interact with your Audience Through Livestreams.

The internet relies upon the written word for much of its communications, but as technology evolves, so does our excitement for visual communication. In fact, industry experts say streaming video now accounts for two-thirds of all internet traffic. Numbers like that are too important to ignore. Livestreams give your business the opportunity to connect with consumers in real time. They also create content that you can repackage and reuse in other formats. What’s not to love?

Market with a Mission.

Given the state of current events, it’s easy to see that Americans are more politically engaged in 2018 than ever before. With that increased engagement comes an increased demand for ethical consumption. No matter your personal beliefs, it makes sense to tie your business to a cause everyone can support. Brands like Tom’s shoes have made millions by connecting sales to popular charities. While the idea of making any kind of political statement with your business might make you squirm, there is real value in highlighting the work your company does for both consumers and the greater good.

Serve People with People.

In a business world that relies more and more on automation, consumers are starved for interactions with real people in certain situations. Sure, many people are perfectly happy doing their shopping online without ever having to see or talk to anyone. However, when customers have an issue and need support, they HATE not being able to talk to a real person. Partner with a professional call center with live, helpful agents to handle your customer service calls and you’ll give your brand a huge boost. That level of dedication to your customers will do wonders for your retention rates and word of mouth marketing.

Protect Privacy.

It seems there is a news story every day detailing the latest customer data breach. Tap into the consumer need for increased privacy protections and assure your customers you’re trustworthy. Given the increased regulatory standards regarding consumer privacy, this isn’t just great marketing advice, it’s good for your business on every level. Protect your customer, protect yourself.

Speak Up.

With the popularity of voice assistants growing rapidly, it’s time to embrace the spoken word. Siri, Echo and Alexa are training customers to use their voices to make requests. Marketers will need to adapt to account for this trend. Podcasts, too, are also seeing immense growth in popularity. Consider engaging with customers using the medium to entertain and educate listeners about your brand.

Feed the content-hungry masses.

Content was still king in 2017, and that won’t change in 2018, either. In order to stay relevant and to ensure your voice is heard among the virtual shouts for attention, it’s important to produce and distribute content mindfully. Because Facebook, Twitter and Google are constantly tweaking their algorithms and diminishing organic reach, the onus of distribution falls on the shoulders of marketers. Experimentation and innovation will pay off for those willing to take risks with their content creation strategies. Capture the hearts and minds of consumers, and you’ll form indelible relationships with potentially lifelong customers.

It’s impossible to completely predict the ways marketing will evolve in 2018, but these strategies are sure to keep you on the cutting edge. Thankfully, there’s one way to guarantee authentic connections with customers: ensure there is always a real person on the other end of the phone line.

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