Manage Seasonal Demands for Your Business Via a Call Overflow Answering Service

Every year, Black Friday proves to be one of the most critically important days of the year for many businesses. In addition to being a massive day of sales in and of itself, Black Friday also kicks off the busiest few weeks of the year for most companies involved in the consumer space.

While the sales boom from Black Friday is a welcome influx of cash flow, the reality is that the sheer number of consumers making purchases or other requests of your business can overwhelm your staff. Small businesses in particular can find it challenging to keep up with the Black Friday rush.

The increased demands of Black Friday expand beyond simply having the necessary manpower on hand to accommodate increased sales. Customers expect — and deserve — to have the same high-quality level of customer service they’d receive during other, less busy times of the year. If your company is unable to provide them with that level of customer service, you risk losing those customers to companies who are better equipped to handle the influx of customer requests.

Handling the increased demand from Black Friday

There are several solutions small businesses can turn to in order to handle the temporary increase in customer demand from Black Friday. The first, and most common, is to hire seasonal workers to help with the influx. While this can work as a stop-gap, and might even be necessary for some companies, the reality is that season workers rarely have the loyalty to your company that your full-time workers might. After all, seasonal workers know they’re going to be gone in a few weeks anyway. They also know that you need them more than they need you.

A far better option is to utilize an overflow answering service to handle customer interactions as much as possible. Unlike seasonal workers, the team at an overflow answering service is typically full-time at their company and the employees have a vested interest in providing the company’s clients (i.e. your business) with excellent service. On top of that, they are specifically trained to handle a wide variety of calls, which means your customers will be speaking with customer service experts who know how to leave customers happy.

Hiring an overflow answering service

Hiring an overflow answering service frees up your team to focus on the core elements of your business, including specific types of customer service interactions, while delegating tasks to an outside team trained on the nuances of your business and the expectations your customers have. Best of all, an overflow answering service can be scaled up and down as needed so that your company isn’t spending money on answer service expenses any more than is needed.

In addition, by utilizing our answering service, we will be able to keep a record of your company’s customer service preferences so that we will be ready to scale any time you need overflow service in the future.

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