How a Virtual Receptionist Improves Customer Connections

Improving the Customer Experience

Modern consumers have the world at their fingertips. With an infinite list of options for where to spend their money constantly available, people don’t have to settle for less than the best when it comes to choosing businesses and service providers. This is why the customer experience matters more than ever before: it’s often the only thing separating one company from the next.

If you’re hoping to invest in the customer experience but aren’t sure how to do so, a virtual receptionist can do the trick. Connecting with customers is their primary goal, after all. Efficient, flexible, and affordable, a virtual receptionist service will improve your customer experience while also taking responsibilities off the collective plate of your in-house team.

Here are just a few of the ways a virtual receptionist can help you connect with your customers:

Increase Availability with 24/7 Customer Service

The business day no longer ends at five PM. While you and your team might lock up and head home at that time, calls will continue to come in long after you’ve clocked out. With a virtual receptionist on hand, though, connecting with customers on their terms is easy. Virtual receptionists can work around the clock to answer calls, take messages, and when necessary, forward urgent calls to your designated personnel.

With an after hours virtual receptionist covering your phone line, callers won’t need to wait until traditional business hours to connect with your company. They’ll be free to dial your business whenever is most convenient for their schedule. Connecting with callers whenever they dial is just one way your business can elevate their experience and truly connect with customers.

Eliminate Communication Barriers

If your business serves a diverse community, it’s important to effectively communicate with all potential customers. No matter their background, customers want to feel valued and important. Meeting them where they are – especially when it comes to communication – is customer service 101.

Connecting with a large, diverse customer base requires bilingual employees. The costs of bringing on such an employee, onboarding and training them often aren’t in the budget, though. Working with a bilingual receptionist service can help you connect with your customer base without the high expense of hiring new employees. A live virtual receptionist who is bilingual can jump right into customer service conversations using a customized call script. Eliminating communication barriers can be both easy and affordable.

Minimize Customer Wait Times

We’ve all been there: we eagerly dial up a business with a question only to learn there’s a lengthy wait time to speak with a real, live human being. Many people won’t remain on hold for long, instead opting to hang up and dial a competitor instead. The customer experience is over before it has even truly begun.

When nurturing customer relationships, it’s important to put yourself in the caller’s shoes. Nobody likes to wait, and if extensive hold times are common for your business, it’s time to take action. A virtual receptionist service can help to bridge the gap between the kind of customer service you’re currently offering and the kind you dream of providing. As your team of employees assists customers in store, a virtual receptionist can provide seamless administrative support for callers. This gives your company the potential to eliminate hold times altogether.

Save Time with Call Forwarding

When a customer has a concern, it’s important to connect them with the right person as soon as possible. A frustrated caller will only become increasingly annoyed as they’re sent to voicemail or told to call back later. This struggle becomes even greater when your team is working remotely, as so many of us are these days. One of the benefits of a virtual receptionist is removing this all too common administrative headache.

A virtual receptionist serves as your first line of defense from inbound calls. They’ll professionally greet callers via your on-brand guidelines, carefully collect key details from each caller, and will work toward a resolution if it’s one they can provide. If the caller requires the specialized attention from someone within your organizations, virtual receptionists then work to identify the proper individual or department for the solution. With the click of a few buttons, the caller can be connected to the right person for quick problem solving.

Foster Meaningful Customer Experiences with MAP Communications

Every interaction with a customer is a new opportunity to make a lifelong connection over your products and services. Building customer relationships often comes down to mutual respect; by communicating clearly and efficiently with each of your callers, you’ll instantly up the odds of gaining repeat business. Not sure where to start? Allow our virtual receptionists to lead the way.

We’re offering a free week trial of our live receptionist service right now. For seven days, you’ll be privy to all the benefits above – and so much more. Look no further than our testimonials page for proof that we add tremendous value to virtually every kind of business out there. Sign up to see MAP’s impact on the customer experience for yourself!

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