How Outsourcing Order Taking Can Increase Your Profit

When a customer calls a business, they are looking for a personal connection. Speaking with a knowledgeable representative helps the customer feel confident about their purchase.

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For many businesses, time spent speaking with customers and taking orders is vital to their company’s success. In addition to building connections with their customers, it provides them with an avenue for upselling or cross-selling products.

However, many small and medium-sized businesses may not have the time or employee resources to answer every customer call. Even for big businesses, staffing a team to take orders over the phone is a huge expenditure. That’s when companies of all sizes embrace the option of outsourcing order taking and processing to a qualified call center team that takes the necessary steps to get to know their business. An outsourced order taking and processing representative gives customers the personal attention they want. Choosing to have a team of professionals answer incoming calls allows you to focus on other parts of your business. Learn how you can save time and money while increasing your profit by outsourcing order taking and processing functions for your business.

Offering 24/7 Customer Service

Your customers appreciate the ability to call your business and ask questions or make a purchase during business hours. A 24/7 customer service phone line gives potential customers the additional option to contact your business any time day or night. However, even employees and owners who work long hours eventually need to take a break. You simply can’t answer the phone at all times by yourself. You could hire employees to provide 24-hour customer service, but more employees working late hours can turn into a large expense.

The most affordable way to offer your customers 24-hour customer service and purchasing options is by outsourcing to an order taking call center service. Hiring an employee overnight is expensive, especially if there are few calls from customers. A call center service removes this staffing cost if the phone isn’t ringing. Most outsourced customer service call centers only charge you for the time spent on the phone with your customers. This makes it easy and affordable to offer your customers the 24/7 customer service they deserve.

Less of Your Time Spent on the Phone

As a busy business owner or manager, you have a lot to do to ensure your organization runs smoothly. Taking customer calls and helping them place orders is just one important aspect of your business. Time spent on the phone answering questions about your products or services is time lost to growing and improving your business. After tending to the call, you may end up rushed to get everything finished for the day. Then imagine getting interrupted by a ringing phone constantly throughout your efforts to focus. Suddenly you have too many things to do and not enough time to do them, leading to productivity-killing multitasking.

This potential problem can easily be avoided by hiring an order taking call center service. With a professional call center service who truly understands your business answering customer calls, you are free to focus on effectively running your business or department. Using a professional order taking service provides you with peace of mind that customers will be treated with kindness and respect while they buy from you, making them much more likely to do business with you again in the future.

More Calls Answered Means More Sales

Missed calls from potential customers might drive them away. Worse, they may end up placing an order with one of your competitors. Every time you are able to answer a customer call is another chance to make a sale. Even inquiry calls from potential customers can quickly transform into an order being placed. Alone, or with a small team of employees, you may not be able to reach every call that comes into your business. A professional call center service can handle a larger volume of calls so your customers never end up speaking to an automated robot or voicemail.

Handing over your calls to an outsourced customer support call center doesn’t just safeguard against missed calls and, therefore, missed sales. A call center team is also an affordable option to increase order taking volume. During peak hours, you may have several customers calling to place their orders at once. An order taking call center service can easily accommodate the increase in call volume as it has multiple agents ready to answer calls and process orders.

Customers Speak with Order Processing Experts

A call from a customer wishing to place an order is the perfect chance to increase the profit of the sale through upselling or cross-selling. By speaking to a real person when ordering, a customer has the chance to have a real conversation. They may engage with the order taking agent and learn about other products and services that may interest them. Using an automated message system takes this human connection away. Gone is the opportunity to cross-sell or upsell.

Order processing services from a call center vendor allow you to create this connection with each and every customer call. A professional call center service provides your business with a team of friendly, knowledgeable order taking agents. Your outsourced team of experts can answer questions and take orders while also influencing customer decisions. Each time a customer chooses to purchase an extra product or service, even those at lower price points, your business sees an increased profit.

Professional Order Taking Services

Make sure you never miss a customer call again by outsourcing to a professional order taking service. The right call center ensures that your customer calls are answered by real, knowledgeable people around the clock. Experience the freedom to tackle other business projects while capitalizing on every sales opportunity with the power of a friendly, reliable customer service team behind your order taking process. To learn more about the difference MAP Communications outsourcing order taking services can make for your business, contact us today!

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