How Gyms and Personal Trainers Benefit from a Virtual Receptionist Service

The way Americans exercise, train and stay fit is changing. Digital tracking devices monitor the number of steps we take in a day, fitness streaming programs allow viewers to exercise from their living rooms, and online training programs make it easier than ever to get in shape. While gyms and personal trainers maintain a steady presence in the lives of most Americans, evolving your offerings to keep up with the latest client service trends is a smart idea. 

Gym front desk

Many gyms are creating luxury services to offer their members. Saunas, steam rooms and smoothie bars are all trendier than ever. They’re also incredibly expensive investments that not every gym can afford to install. For a more affordable way to enhance your customer experience, consider partnering with a virtual receptionist service. Virtual receptionists for gyms allow you to cater to your clients without breaking the bank.

How a Virtual Receptionist Service Boosts Your Business

Clients deserve the full attention of their personal trainers. After all, they’re paying for guidance, support and insight, not just someone to keep them company during their workout. When trainers are being constantly called to the front desk to answer phone calls, though, clients may feel shortchanged. Personal trainer virtual receptionists can help answer common questions, schedule appointments with new clients, and deliver messages received during training sessions. 

Gym virtual receptionists can provide similar services on a grander scale. Want to let callers know that you’ve added an 11 AM yin yoga class to your schedule? A virtual receptionist can help share the news. They can also let callers know about new membership deals, schedule appointments with trainers, and forward them to the appropriate department when matters are especially pressing. Given the 24/7 availability of gym virtual receptionists, your members will never be left in the dark about your policies, facilities, and news updates.

Keeping Clients Happy 24/7

A virtual receptionist service for gyms can provide the kind of customer service you’ve only dreamed of offering your clients. While it would be nice if your team could handle 24/7 phone coverage 365 days a year, staffing budgets are limited. With a gym virtual receptionist on hand to answer calls day and night, you’ll never have to worry about keeping everyone on the same page again. More affordable than a full-time, in-house receptionist, such services mean you can maintain a healthy work/life balance without busting your budget.

In turn, clients may feel more secure in their decision to join your fitness community. Knowing there’s a friendly voice on the end of the line at any time of day or night means a lot when you’re on a fitness journey. Don’t be surprised when you see an uptick in the amount of positive online reviews of your services. In a 21st century world, clients want the option to chat with your organization on their schedule. Personal trainer virtual receptionist services make that possibility real.

The Importance of Fitness Industry Customer Service 

For some people, fitness is a lifestyle. For others, working out is a chore. Some will find any reason to avoid breaking a sweat. No matter who your target demographic is, they all have one thing in common: they expect your attention, support and patience. In many ways, customer service in the fitness industry isn’t so different than that in the restaurant or retail worlds. Ultimately, paying customers want to know their time is valuable, that they are getting what they paid for, and that they’re worthwhile members of your community.

A gym virtual receptionist can provide all that and more. Simply being available to answer questions, address concerns, and find solutions to common challenges makes virtual receptionists vital to your business. When catering to client needs, you’ve got to be truly willing to meet them halfway. When you’re juggling training sessions, phone calls, and the daily operations of your business, it’s impossible to give everyone the attention they deserve. That’s why so many organizations are opting to partner with gym answering services and personal trainer virtual receptionists. With bilingual agents on hand, you’ll even be able to solve some of the most common communication barriers in the fitness industry.

Try MAP’s Receptionist Service for FREE 

The new horizon of customer service is upon us. Businesses will either evolve and grow or stick with the status quo. If you’re eager to bring your fitness community into the 21st century, why not try our virtual receptionist service for free? We offer a week-long trial period for new customers who are interested in learning more about our services. For seven days, you’ll leverage MAP’s tools to schedule appointments, route calls, address client questions and free up your staff to spend more time with gym-goers in person.

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