Five Reasons Your eCommerce Website Should Have a Live Answering Service

Internet shoppers require instant satisfaction and 24 hour customer support to meet all of their online shopping demands. Your ability to provide great service drastically impacts your bottom line.

eCommerce Customer ServiceYou’ve got your eCommerce site all set up and are ready for the orders to start trickling, then pouring in. You’re ready to make sales, but also devoting long hours each day to building your brand and your online presence. Here are the top five ways a live answering service will benefit your eCommerce site and your profit potential with an online business.

1. Live Answering Services are Scalable

Most eCommerce operations start small, but are hoping to get big. Hiring too much staff at the outset can kill a project, but too few can mean missed opportunities for growth. A live answering service can scale right along with your sales volume and your budget, giving you exactly the right amount of phone answering and order taking service at every step of your eCommerce business’s development.

2. Affordable ‘Round-the-Clock Inbound Call Coverage

You can’t run your business if you’re always answering the phone, but if you’re constantly sending customers and other important callers to your voicemail you won’t have any business left to run. With an eCommerce answering service, you can make sure every single call placed to your eCommerce website and business is answered by a friendly and professional inbound call expert. Important calls can be routed directly to you, and sales can be completed without you picking up the phone.

3. Experienced Live Answering Service Means Expert Call Handling

You’re good at what you do, otherwise your eCommerce site wouldn’t be up and running. But no one can do everything, and when it comes to the professional voice of your company you want to make sure you have the best. The right live answering service gives you trained, full-time inbound call professionals, so you can let the experts handle your phone calls while you focus on increasing that bottom line. If you’re like most people you’ll be surprised to learn when you shop for best cost of service you’ll see we very reasonable and offer a great ROI.

4. From Answering Service to Order Fulfillment Without the Fuss

A top-of-the-line live answering service won’t just save you time by answering your phones but can properly route or handle all of your calls. Order fulfillment services provided by the best in the answering service business mean you won’t have to lift a finger to process payments or make a sale. Inbound call agents can take customer specifications and account information, process transactions, and enter order information into customized forms to send to you on a per-order, daily, or weekly basis. All you have to do is pack and ship.

5. A Live Answering Service Makes Data Analysis a Breeze

Want to know who’s calling you, when they’re calling, where they’re calling from, and what they’re buying? The right live answering service can capture, collate, and even analyze that data for you. Don’t waste precious time and internal resources on a job that can be easily outsourced to your trained live answering professionals. Get the info you need to help your business grow without the expense and confusion of in-house statisticians.

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