Celebrate the Holidays Stress-Free

Enjoy the holidays this season with the help of a call answering service.

If you run a business–whether it’s a hotel, medical practice, or offer a service as a contractor, chances are that you spend part of each holiday season fielding emergency calls from customers, or even staff. This year, you can actually enjoy the holidays without having to worry about answering calls. How? We’ve got you covered at MAP Communications with our professional call answering service! Here are some ways you can get in the spirit and enjoy the holidays while we answer your calls.

Practice Gratitude

Taking a break from the pressure of answering customer calls means you get more time to actually enjoy the holiday season. Take time to think about everything you are grateful for. This list can focus specifically on your business, or extend out to include your health, your family, and any other aspects of your life for which you’d like to give thanks! But don’t stop there. Go ahead and reach out to those you are thankful for and let them know why you appreciate them. It’s a perfect opportunity to catch up with family, friends, and even your best customers. See what they’ve got planned for the new year and perhaps there will even be opportunities to make your business a part of those plans. When you move take time to focus on your gratitude, you end up feeling more relaxed and more positive. That’s a great feeling to have when you consider your business decisions in 2018, and it sure beats the stressed out feeling of running around acting as a one person call answering service!

Celebrate with Your Employees, Family, and Friends

As they say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So don’t forget to play some this holiday season! Throw a party for your office, or just plan an evening to all go out together for a little while if you don’t feel like investing too much time in event planning. Employees must be shown that they are appreciated and showing them a good time is a great way to do so. No need to leave anybody out of the festivities just so there is someone around to answer the phones. Include the whole office and we’ll make sure your calls are covered.

Make sure you’re able to set aside plenty of time for family and friends too. Get back in the habit of some old traditions you used to love, or start a new one to carry on each year. It really doesn’t matter too much what you’re doing as long as it’s with those you care about. When you’re with your family and friends, give them the greatest gift they could imagine and just shut off your cell phone. They’ll love having your undivided attention for a change and we’ll make sure all your messages are ready for you as soon as you are ready to get back to business.

Enjoy Some R&R

Taking time off from work is essential, even if you’re “the boss.” With how crazy things can get around the holidays, you need to remember to set aside some time to stock up on rest, relaxation, and recreation before the busy New Year. Get back to those hobbies or activities that you really enjoy, or simply catch up on lost sleep. When you work with a professional call center to deal with incoming calls, you can truly rest assured that your current and potential customers are getting a live, professional person on the phone to answer their questions and book appointments or services. This will free you up to do the things that you truly enjoy doing and take a real break from work. The results? You’ll come back after some time away feeling refreshed, recharged, and better able to take on the challenges of running a small business and managing a busy staff!

If you’re ready to work with a call answering service this holiday season, or even all year round, contact MAP Communications. We are experienced in partnering with businesses of all sizes and industries to create customizable solutions for your organization so you can achieve a very merry work life balance during the holidays, and hopefully into the New Year, too. Contact us today for a free 7-day trial!

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