Why an Answering Service is Crucial to Your Plumbing Business in the Winter


When the cold weather hits, you never know what emergencies may happen. Having access to basic needs, like food, warmth, and running water becomes more important than any of our other modern “necessities,” so when one of those needs gets compromised, people want to have someone they can call, right away. Hiring an answering service for plumbers will allow you to help more people during the cold weather months and grow your plumbing business. Read on to learn about the benefits of using an answering service for your plumbing business in the winter, as well as all year long.

Frozen Pipes on a Friday Night: Who Can Your Customers Call?

There’s nothing worse than frozen pipes for a homeowner. Not only do they have to deal with the temporary inconvenience of no running water, the tension about what happens if (and when!) that pipe bursts is enough to keep anyone up at night. With a 24-hour answering service, customers can quickly call someone and talk to a real, live person instead of a recorded answering machine. Trained call center staff can help triage the problem, and also contact your team directly if the customer is facing a true plumbing emergency.

Sewage Solutions All Year Round

Unlike frozen pipes, a sewer backup or leaky pipe can strike at any time. But winter weather can make response times slower than normal, which means that customers may be desperate to find a company who will actually pick up the phone when they have a major plumbing emergency. Why not be the plumbing service that answers their call? A dedicated answering service for your plumbing business means that both current and potential customers will get immediate satisfaction instead of more frustration. And the end result of a satisfied customer for you and your business? More repeat and maintenance calls all year long.

Washer Woes in Winter

A wonky washer can slow everything in the household down, especially during winter time when there are guest towels and extra layers to wash. When a washer goes on the fritz during a holiday weekend, your customers will be happy to reach an answering service and get their plumbing needs scheduled as soon as possible, as opposed to waiting all weekend to make their calls first thing Monday morning. An answering service will not only giver your customers peace of mind, but it can also keep your team of plumbers booked solid thanks to scheduling support from trained professionals.

Wintertime is hard on everyone, but you can make this your best season yet by partnering with a professional answering service to help meet your customers’ needs. For more information on how to set up a seasonal or year round call service for your plumbing practice, contact MAP Communications at www.mapcommunications.com. We’re a customer-service-focused business devoted to providing solutions that improve your customer relationships, and we’d love to talk about a call service strategy that works for your customers, and your bottom line.

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