5 Digital Marketing Tactics You Need to Implement

Digital Marketing
If you conduct the bulk of your sales over the phone, investing time and energy into digital marketing may seem counterintuitive at first, but the link between websites, mobile devices, and inbound calls has never been clearer. Here are 5 digital marketing tips to get you up to speed and get more people calling your business.

1. Create a Website, Then Optimize It

A website has become a necessity in todays plugged in age, and fortunately, there are a number of easy to use options out there to assist you with creating a site for your business. From Weebly to Squarespace to simply hiring a web developer, you can have a decent website up and running in no time. Once you get it going, the real key is to ensure you’ve optimized your site for display on mobile devices. More people are using phones to browse the web than ever before, and, as Marketing Land notes, mobile phones will drive a whopping 162 billion calls to business by the year 2019.

2. Get Social

A clean, professional, mobile optimized site is a great first step, but it’s worth branching out into social media. Create a Facebook page for your business, which will allow you to interact with customers, and also display your company’s contact information, as well as photos of your products or services. Consider Instagram if you’d like to share more images and want to encourage customers to interact with each other via hashtags that relate to your company’s brand. Twitter can be a nice way to interact as well, but be sure to keep your social media sites all manned and responsive; it’s better to use a single platform well than create several ghostly accounts that never get used.

3. Show Your Smarts

Writing and publishing white papers and blog posts is a great way to position your company as an expert in your field. You can publish directly on your site, share via email blast, or submit your writing to respected websites or blogs in your industry. If you’re not comfortable writing, consider hiring a copywriter to ghostwrite your content and give them clear guidelines about what you’d like to say to the world.

4. Solicit Feedback

Invite customers to share and post reviews on your social media pages, website, and sites like Yelp and Facebook. Manage any negative reviews respectfully, and never respond in anger online–it’s not a professional look, and it certainly won’t drive calls to your business.

5. Focus on the Phone Number

Last but not least, be sure to prominently display your company’s phone number on all of your digital pages. Your website, social media pages, and company email signatures should always clearly and boldly state your customer service phone number. A recent infographic in Business 2 Community made clear that despite the digital hype, consumers still crave human interaction–75% of customers surveyed said that they found a phone call to be the fastest way to get a response. Digital media is necessary and certainly a great tool, but nearly 90% of all sales conversions started online are happening offline and many of them right over the phone.

To make the most of those conversions, consider using a professional call center service, like MAP Communications. Mobile and landline customers who call businesses that use MAP Communications never have to be on hold, and the total call time is usually quite short. With solutions that include bilingual answering service from professional virtual receptionists, MAP Communications will keep your customers happy, and your bottom line satisfied.

For more information on how MAP Communications can help maximize your digital footprint and turn phone swipes into sales, contact us today.

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