5 (Bad) Work Habits to Kick Before 2018


If you’re ready for a fresh start that will bring greater productivity, focus, and growth to your business, no matter what the size, check out these bad work habits you need to kick to the curb for good before ringing in the New Year!

1. Micromanagement

Keeping your hand in every single detail of your business can often feel like a really good thing, but micromanaging too much means that you simply don’t trust your employees to do the jobs you hired them to do. In addition, regular staff can start micromanaging their own work tasks if they see a bad model set by their boss. The result is everyone focusing only on what is right in front of their nose, and stressing out about every little detail in real time. This can create a constant state of “crisis” that distracts you and your team from creating smooth systems to work with purpose and little stress. Learn how to delegate, trust your employees, create strong systems, and let some of those tiny details go in 2018.

2. Procrastination

Do you find yourself constantly leaving things to the last minute? Procrastination is a tough habit to break, especially when you run a busy business. But forgetting to call back leads or current customers means getting the cold shoulder down the line. Figure out some good systems to prioritize your time and get everything done before the deadline in 2018, and you’ll find yourself much less stressed, which is nothing but a good thing.

3. Forgetting the “Big Picture”

Does your company have clear values and goals driving day to day activities? If not, it may be time to kick this short-sighted habit out of your work life and set aside time to shift your thinking. When you’re daily work aligns to an overarching vision or set of goals, it’s much easier to make even the toughest decisions. Without a solid foundation in place, you run the risk of wearing yourself ragged by only focusing on the smallest details you need to get through each work day and be done with it. That’s no way to run a successful, thriving business!

4. Choosing Growth over Current Customers…

On the other hand, if you do have a clear vision in place and spend all of your energy focusing on your next move as opposed to the customer that’s right in front of you, you can end up turning your loyal customers off. From front line staff all the way up to management, your company should embrace the challenge of satisfying and retaining current customers, while also growing your business.

5. …Choosing Current Customers over Growth

That said, be careful about only focusing on the customers you already have! Work to create systems that allow you and your employees to provide quality products and/or services to your current customers, while always keeping an eye on how to grow your business and generate new leads. If you’re able to sustain this dual focus on current and potential customers, then your business will be better able to enjoy steady, sustainable growth, which means steady, sustainable profits!

While kicking bad business habits can be tough, there’s one super powered tool that can help you with all five of these habits. Hire a professional answering service in 2018, and free up your time to delegate tasks, create or maintain a strategic vision, and allow your staff to focus high impact tasks while our professional virtual receptionists take care of your current customers and make sure you’re capturing new leads. For more information on how a call center can improve your business practices, contact MAP Communications. We’re a full service call center partner dedicated to helping businesses achieve their highest potential through customized solutions. Make 2018 your year–call us today!

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