3 Must-Haves for Increasing Website Leads

These days if your business does not have a website, you don’t exist. Potential customers will Google you before doing business with you. Customers with interest in your products or services will check your website for more information. But simply existing on the web isn’t enough. At the end of the day you need to be able to increase conversions from web visitors so you have valid leads. These leads are how you discover your target audience, potential customer base and sales opportunities. Take these three tips for increasing your website leads and go forth and prosper.Increase Website Leads

Action Satisfaction

No this isn’t a flashback to the tunes of Jurassic 5. Action satisfaction is your new mantra. Here’s how it works. First, provide your customers with some way to involve themselves with your site, thus the action. Second, ensure this action leads to their satisfaction. You need to give your customers something to do on your site so they aren’t merely passing you by with a backward glance.

Be Picky, but Generous

In terms of this action, your goal is to interact with customers, while giving them something they can benefit from as you connect with them on an emotional level. You want to be picky in the sense that everything you offer needs to be a direct reflection of your business goals and mission. For example, here are some classic action-centric methods of getting customers’ attention that will also provide you with the information you need to convert their attention into leads:

  • Webinars
  • Newsletters
  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Contact forms
  • Social media connects
  • Contests

How can you use these tools if you have, say, a website that sells recipe books? Instead of only providing a way to purchase recipe books, offer free recipe cards customers can print off in exchange for their contact information. Discover your geographic audience by setting up a contest where users send in their favorite recipes dependent on their location, along with contact information. Winners get a signed copy of your recipe book mailed to them, which gives you the chance for direct mail marketing opportunities.

Notice how these conversion opportunities are tailored toward the specific website content, and that they give back to the user in some way? That is what your goal should be. If you simply ask for contact information from users on your site, you’ll scare them away faster than a dentist’s house on Halloween. On the other hand, you have to make sure everything you offer is relevant. Back to the recipe book example. Providing free whitepapers would prove difficult, given the topic of recipes. However, setting up a webinar showing how to cook some of the recipes would be a great way to attract loyal and trust in your customers.

Loyal is Lovable

That brings you to the third point. You must create loyalty and a solid reputation among your audience. This is an expansive process. Begin with your website. It should not be cluttered with advertisements, unedited content or ill-placed images. It must look professional, clean and polished, as it is an extension of your business. You want to give your users a consistent experience, which involves posting content, sending out newsletters, and returning emails on a regular basis. This breeds trust. Delivering what you promise in terms of conversion materials will seal the deal on user loyalty.

Connecting with Customers

In order to take leads to the next level, from website to the real world, you need to build a bridge for communication. Consider a live call center service. Utilizing real humans who are knowledgeable and professional, you can answer customer service questions, take orders and provide tech support. Check out the call center and answering service solutions available at MAP Communications. As you give your web visitor conversions a shot in the arm, request additional information from MAP Communications regarding their answering services.

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