3 Key Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

The holidays can be profitable times, but they can also bring along stress for shoppers, business owners, and employees alike. By getting ahead of the game and focusing on clear, consistent communication, you can avoid bumps in the road and allow for smooth, easy interactions and positive experiences. In preparation for the holiday season, read on for 3 key tips to get your business and employees in gear for the hectic holiday season.Customer Care

Engage and Interact

One key tip is to reach out to your customer base and actively engage them when it comes to holiday sales and promotions. As Jim Belosic, CEO of ShortStack has put it, “give your customers the feeling that they have some input and control over the promotions and deals you offer them during the busiest selling season of the year.” This can be achieved through a range of different approaches, but social media will be an important tool. Try encouraging your customers to use a specific hashtag to promote your company or brand, then reward customers who use the hashtag with additional savings or insider deals. You can also try a friends and family referral program to drive new customers to your products via their friends and family who’ve already become loyal to your products. You might also consider selecting certain customers to profile on your website. By sharing customer stories of satisfaction and savings, you’ll communicate that what customers have to say truly matters to your business.

Well Wired Website

Now, when it comes to that website, it’s important that everything is in tip top shape come tinsel time. According to a report cited in Business News Daily, nearly 60% of all online shoppers will give up on a website with a load time of over 3 seconds! Work with your technical staff to straighten out any kinks well before the holiday rush. Make sure the site is also optimized for mobile use, and be sure customers can easily figure out how to contact your company if they have questions or want a more personalized response. A great website with no contact information may make potential customers doubt the trustworthiness of your business. Be sure to set up a secure interface for online shopping, but always give customers another option for contacting you if they encounter any problems or have questions.

Supportive Call Center Staff

Once your website is up and running with accurate contact info, it’s time to ensure that the people on the other end of the line are competent, caring, and knowledgeable about your products and processes. Consider expanding your availability over the holidays by offering additional shifts to your call center employees, hiring new staff, or working with a company that specializes in professional call center response. High call volume offers the opportunity for increased sales and engagement, but only if you invest the time to get a quality call center running that knows exactly how to handle a range of customer concerns. MAP Communications, a U.S. based, employee owned company devoted to call center excellence, is available to assist with holiday call center demand. The MAP Communications team is trained to support your sales goals through consistent, positive interactions that help build loyalty and increase sales.

For more information on how MAP Communications can help your company succeed this holiday season, get in touch today and explore your options.

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