Virtual Answering Service

Virtual telephone answering service provided by experienced receptionists from our US-based call center.

image of a virtual answering service agent

At MAP Communications, our team of specialists is dedicated to the art of administrative support. From answering phones to qualifying leads and more, there’s no task too large or too small for our talented receptionists. A virtual call center can also help boost your business’s professional appearance, adding a personal touch that your callers are sure to love.

More and more people are telecommuting than ever before. Remote employees represent an increasingly large section of the American workforce. That’s all the more reason to outsource your office support to a virtual assistant phone answering service. As telecommuting becomes the norm, make sure your team is staying productive and that your callers are getting the support they need.

How Virtual Answering Services Work

Partnering with a virtual telephone answering service means gaining all the benefits of an in-house receptionist at a fraction of the cost. You won’t need to provide an office space, equipment, or supplies to get your new administrative assistant started. There are also no salaries or benefits to supply. Instead, you’ll gain the services of highly trained, highly professional virtual secretaries instantly.

When you set up your virtual call center services, you’ll have the chance to create a customized call script for MAP employees to work from. We know that image is everything, which is why we’re so eager to act as a seamless extension of your brand. Using your organization’s specific policies and procedures to guide our conversations with callers, there’s never any doubt that we’re handling calls exactly the way you would.

Since the American population is growing increasingly diverse, we also ensure our virtual inbound call center is staffed by bilingual employees. This can be a major relief for callers who aren’t sure whether their questions or concerns will be truly understood when they dial your business. Imagine how much more business you’ll open yourself up to with a bilingual virtual answering service on your side!

Benefits of a Virtual Call Center

When you use our live virtual answering service, you’re gaining so much more than you might when hire internally. Investing in such a service can mean increased productivity in your existing staff. Imagine how much more you’ll accomplish without the ringing of a telephone constantly interrupting your day. Fewer interruptions lead to a happier, more productive team.

Improved customer satisfaction is another key benefit of partnering with a virtual answering service. All your callers will be treated to a warm, friendly greeting and helpful, professional support throughout the entire conversation. After receiving such personalized help, your customers may even share their experiences in reviews online. It’s not a stretch to see how a virtual call answering service can boost your professional reputation.

Affordability is another key perk of a partnership with MAP. When you’re on a budget, adding an in-house administrative team can seem like an impossibility. Even if you can afford to hire employees to cover phones, you’ll also have to factor in the expense of the candidate search, trainings, and the equipment and technologies they’ll need to be successful. With a virtual answering service, you can skip past these expensive steps and cut straight to the part where a professional, highly trained representative greets your callers with professionalism.

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