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They say New York is the city that never sleeps. Lucky for your callers, neither does our answering service in NYC! MAP Communications provides round-the-clock service for businesses across all industries. Our affordable, flat rate pricing makes it easier than ever to achieve your dream work/life balance without neglecting your callers. Whether you work in the medical field, provide HVAC services, offer legal representation, or manage property around the city, MAP has the resources and administrative support you need. Our NYC answering service can assist with after hours calls, emergencies, call overflow, or simply lighten your load during traditional business hours. Discover why so many professionals are turning to MAP for phone answering services in NYC.

Call Center Services in New York City

If you successfully own and operate a business in New York, you’ve learned a couple of valuable lessons along the way.

Lesson Number One: Without customers, you don’t have a business.

Lesson Number Two: Without customer service, you don’t have customers.

If providing quality customer service were your only duty, your business would be booming. In reality, though, your business needs attention in other crucial areas, too. That’s why so many businesses in New York turn to our answering service in NYC. MAP Communications provides 24/7 phone answering services for businesses seeking an affordable solution to their customer service needs. With our team of highly trained professionals manning your phone lines, you and your colleagues can turn your attention to other matters. Allow us to be your secret weapon to designing and implementing the ultimate customer experience.

MAP New York Answering Service Can Help You Take Back Your Business AND Take Back Your Life

Take Back Your Business

The health of a company is dependent on the effectiveness of its leadership. Leaders can only be effective if they are able to strategically set goals and focus on the priorities of the company. Map Communications gives you back the power to focus on the most impactful tasks by successfully removing the distraction of customer calls so you can take the time to handle the other demands that require your attention.

Top 5 Ways MAP Answering Services in New York Help You Take Back Your Business:

  1. Provides professional and reliable customer service
  2. Reduces employee costs, freeing up critical capital
  3. Helps you capture more sales leads to grow your business
  4. Becomes your front line of defense against distracting calls
  5. Offers transparent accountability via reporting and call records

Take Back Your Life

American attitudes about work are changing. We’re becoming keenly aware of the importance of a healthy work/life balance. This is in direct contrast with consumer expectations. In the age of the smartphone, we all have increasingly high expectations for the companies with which we do business. If you’re eager to offer 24/7 access to your products and services while also maintaining the ideal work/life balance, an answering service in New York City could be the solution. Business owners no longer need to choose between what’s best for their company and what’s best for their own mental health. Instead, by working with outsourced partners who are experts in their field, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Top 5 Ways MAP Answering Services in New York Helps You Take Back Your Life:

  1. Let your business take calls 24/7, even while you take the day off
  2. Never have another bad day because of a difficult customer
  3. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you made a financially sound decision
  4. Put more of your time into the things that make you happy
  5. Carry the momentum of this success into other areas of your life

While not every customer call poses a risk to your health or your business, you should ask yourself if answering calls is the most effective use of your energy. For successful New York business owners who became our clients, their answer was, “No.”

Considering Moving Your Business To The Big Apple?

Here’s Some Helpful Tips About The Area:

Market Advantages

Image of Times Square in New YorkNew York City (NYC) is the largest marketplace to do business in the United states, with an estimated population of over 8.5M people. Beyond the size of the market, New York has also consistently ranked as a dominant place to do business and has respectively become home to many Fortune 500 companies and foreign corporations. Companies who root themselves in NYC are able to enjoy the benefits of leveraging the vast amount of industry expertise that is native to the area. Just a few industries New York is known for include: tourism, theater, fashion, the arts, world trade, insurance, legal services, advertising, transportation, real estate, banking and finance, accountancy, retailing, new media, traditional media and is continuing to grow in the technology space. Because New York, NY has been cited to be among one of the most diverse cities in the world and home to dozens of different spoken languages, it is one of the best places to do business if your company is seeking to serve customers of different cultures and who speak different languages and our bilingual New York answering services can help you with that!

Location Advantages

New York is home to one of the world’s largest Harbors and is considered the most direct point of shipping trade between the US and Europe. Companies who do trade and imports of physical goods have a distinct advantage regarding transport time and costs when they do business in New York.

The city has also become a national leader in public transportation with the support of mass transit. Most of NYC’s Mass Transit runs 24 hours a day and accounts for one-third of our nation’s mass transit users. This is great for businesses and employees looking to take advantage of a transportation infrastructure that can connect them from anywhere in the city at any time.

Why Partner with an NYC Answering Service

Running a business is an expensive endeavor no matter where you might be based. In New York, costs run even higher. As one of the most expensive places on the planet, staffing budgets must meet the cost of living expectations of applicants. If your business is looking to save money on administrative costs, partnering with an NYC answering service could be the solution.

Imagine what it might cost to hire a single receptionist to work full time in your office. The hiring process takes time and money, but is really just the beginning of the expenses associated with bringing on a new staff member. Once you’ve chosen to hire someone, you’ll need to equip them with office supplies, technology, sick leave, vacation time, and other benefits. Compare those costs with the expense of partnering with a call center NYC. You’ll pay only for the calls we take on your behalf – not for the time spent in between incoming calls.

In-house receptionists are an undeniably good investment in your business, but they’re only one person. Even the most hard-working professionals need time off to rest and recuperate after a long shift. While your receptionist is home relaxing, who will answer your calls? With an NYC answering service at your disposal, you’ll have an entire team of virtual receptionists working 24/7 to ensure there’s always a friendly, helpful voice at the end of the line. Whether you opt to use MAP’s services in addition to your in-house administrative team, or as a replacement for a traditional receptionist, the benefits are clear.

Answering Service in New York, NY and the Surrounding Communities


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There are many reasons why NYC businesses may choose to use a New York Answering Service, but it all boils down to providing quality customer service. For the smaller business owner if you are tied to the phone in fear of missing new customers you won’t get to spend much time enjoying Times Square and Madison Square Garden and all of the other things that New York City has to offer. A live call center operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will give you the freedom you deserve. We invite you to try our Answering Service in New York at no cost for 7 days with no obligation. Who knows, maybe then you can get out of the office a little more often and we might even see you touring the Empire State Building and appreciating more of the Big Apple. At MAP we are a contact center you can trust. Serving NY Businesses since 1991.

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