Dispatch Answering Service and Urgent Call Handling

Whether your customer calls are urgent or routine, MAP Communications message dispatch answering services will ensure the right person in your organization receives prompt notification.

Image of an dispatch call center team providing message dispatch services

An urgent, middle of the night phone call sounds very different for a plumber than it might for a surgeon. Regardless of your industry, callers often dial your business with an issue that needs prompt attention. MAP Communications’ 24-hour dispatch answering services ensure you never miss a call – and that the right person is alerted to the situation. Big or small, your organization can benefit from our call dispatching service. Resourceful and friendly, our experienced receptionists are trained to take care of urgent calls quickly and carefully.

Any business that requires message dispatching can benefit from a partnership with MAP. We have three decades of experience supporting healthcare providers, towing businesses, utility companies, property managers, landscapers and snow plow companies, to name a few. Emergency dispatch answering services are crucial in all these industries –but they’re just the beginning. There’s an incredibly vast array of organizations that can’t benefit from our dispatch call center.

Urgent Calls, Prompt Resolution

MAP Communications works 24/7 to serve companies and service providers across industries. Whether you need someone to help your team burn the midnight oil or want to prioritize availability for your clients, an after hours dispatch answering service can support your goals. Our team of resourceful, friendly receptionists undergo extensive training to remain calm under pressure. No matter your industry, our customer service experts can serve as an extension of your business, reassuring callers even in the darkest hours of night.

We do this by working from call scripts tailored to your precise specifications. By designing customized call scripts and dispatch notification procedures with each of our clients, we ensure the messages we’re delivering perfectly align with the mission and operation of the business. After all, what’s a message dispatching service without clear communication? We work with you to develop escalation procedures, an emergency notification process and more. Based on the requirements of your business, we can tailor our dispatch call center services to your precise goals. By catering to the needs of your clientele, our message dispatch service ensures your company has its finger on the pulse at all times.

Message Dispatching Services Available Around-the-Clock

Image of a professional getting a message from his emergency dispatch serviceWhen your company handles emergency situations, whatever form they may take, after hours availability is a must. Offering such availability is nothing without follow through on your part. Unfortunately, though, this threatens the very necessary work/life balance that needs to be maintained in order to live a healthy life. Our professional virtual receptionists can help restore that balance to your lifestyle, forwarding only the most important calls to you and your team after traditional business hours. Our after hours dispatch service team can screen the calls that can wait by taking a message that is waiting for you upon your return to the office. Any calls that meet your criteria for urgent get put through to the correct person right away with an accompanying message. When it comes to 24-hour availability, MAP’s dispatch answering service saves your business both time and money.

In crowded markets, this kind of round-the-clock access can set you apart from your competition. With MAP’s emergency dispatch services, you’ll quickly gain a reputation for being available, reliable and trustworthy no matter the time of day. Your timely response to emergencies will inevitably be shared among consumers through reviews, improving your image in the local community. When a missed call means losing business to a competitor, a partnership with MAP makes more sense than ever before. In turn, you’ll create a brand that’s recognized throughout the area as the go-to for quick, reliable service.

Flexible Solutions at Transparent Prices

It’s expensive to keep dispatchers working in your office 24/7. Employees need training, equipment, office supplies, benefits, and time off. Even the most dedicated of staffers will need a bathroom break now and then. It can feel impossible to keep up with the demands of your clients while also prioritizing a healthy work environment for your team. A dispatch call center is the solution. Whether you choose to rely on MAP for all your dispatch answering needs or just want to supplement your existing administrative staff, there’s a flexible plan available to fit your budget.

We offer affordable coverage that can be turned on and off at your convenience. Heading out of town and want to ensure there’s extra support in your absence? Simply contact MAP and we’ll hold down the fort. It works the other way, too – if you decide to pull an all-nighter and cover inbound calls yourself, you can opt to turn off our dispatch call center services. This kind of flexibility isn’t always possible with full time employees. With MAP, however, convenience and affordability is baked into the service.

Exceptional Service Every Time the Phone Rings

answering service dispatch agent with headsetNot every middle of the night phone call warrants swift action. The reality is, though, that every call made to your organization is important – even the ones that result in routine messages. Trained agents can give your callers the attention and care they deserve, no matter what time of day or night they might be calling. Every aspect of the call represents an opportunity to win over a customer, tenant, or patient for life. For this reason alone, a dispatch answering service staffed by highly trained receptionists is definitely worth considering.

Consider the mindset of a person calling in the middle of the night. They probably aren’t calling you at 3am because everything is going great for them. Patience and understanding can go a long way in helping such callers. That’s why all our emergency dispatch services staff are trained to exude compassion and empathy with every call they take. The customer experience matters more than ever, and our team can help your organization stand out from the pack.

From routine message delivery to emergency dispatching services, MAP has you covered

Urgent call handling demands excellent customer service. MAP has provided such stellar offerings for many years with a staff of experienced and highly-trained virtual receptionists. Employee-owned and operated, MAP is staffed by people who are eager to help you and your customers solve problems. With our own success linked directly with yours, we imagine ourselves as an extension of your team: we treat your callers the way you would if you could answer every call. While there may be other companies offering similar emergency message dispatch services, none can match the customization, passion, or experience that MAP brings to the table.

Curious about our dispatch call center services and want to give us a try? We offer a free, week-long trial of our dispatch answering services. To get started, simply give us a call or fill out this form and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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