QUIZ: Which of MAP’s Services Best Suits Your Business?

At MAP Communications, we offer a number of services for businesses of every size across dozens of different industries. We’re proud to offer total customization for our clients, with options for 24/7 call coverage, message delivery, personalized call scripts, bilingual services, and more. As you peruse our options, though, you might be left wondering: which service is right for my business?

Our answering services are ideal for small and medium sized businesses that require extra administrative support for handling phone calls. Whenever you want us to cover your phones, a friendly MAP representative will quickly answer the call and greet your callers with professionalism. They’ll collect the information you want from the caller and deliver your messages with prompt accuracy. Our answering service is a simple, tried and true method for ensuring our clients never miss an important phone call.

MAP’s dynamic call center services are great for larger companies, (as well as smaller ones), that want to use our service for more specialized phone conversations. This may include anything from providing in-depth customer support, qualifying leads, serving as a Tier 1 help desk, taking orders, establishing employee hotlines, or many other types of service. This is where our high degree of customization really shines as we create ideal call center solutions tailored to each client. By going above and beyond caller expectations, we delight customers while enhancing your reputation.

Virtual receptionist services from MAP are like our traditional answering services on steroids. Beyond traditional phone answering and message delivery, our friendly receptionists can screen calls, route callers to the right person/department, schedule appointments, and much more. We bolster business reputations by facilitating professional interactions in a way that callers never even realize they are engaging with a third party. Companies use this service to boost their credibility, improve productivity, and build their business with the branded phone experience they’ve always dreamt of having.

Each of our service options are rooted in the same core: we answer phone calls on your behalf. However, what happens after “Hello” is completely up to you. Some organizations fit nicely into just one service type, while others harness different aspects from more than one service to put together an ideal plan that meets their requirements. Thanks to our new quiz, learning which service is a good fit for your organization is easier than ever. To find out what services might be right for you, simply answer a few simple questions about your organization and preferences.

Once you have your results, consider signing up for a free trial. For one week, new users can try our service completely free of charge. During the seven-day trial period, you’ll be treated to a customized plan with all the perks that our service entails. Since there is no obligation to continue using the service after the trial ends, signing up is a no-brainer – there’s nothing to lose by giving MAP a try!