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Ensure every call is answered by a real, helpful person with MAP Communications 24/7 live answering service.

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When someone calls your business, they aren’t hoping to be greeted by a machine. Nobody has their fingers crossed they’ll reach your voicemail. Your callers aren’t excited when they have to navigate an automated menu. Each person that dials your company wants to talk to another person. Don’t make your customers yell “Operator!” into the virtual void or smash the 0 button until their thumb is numb. Partner with MAP Communications and use our live answering service to ensure every call is answered by a friendly, helpful representative.

A top-of-the-line live answering service for small business, medium sized companies, and even large organizations can transform the way success is achieved. Customers want to feel wanted, and competition is fiercer than ever. Quality customer service is often the only thing setting one business apart from the next. A live call answering service is the best way to prioritize the customer experience in the most cost-effective way possible.

What is a Live Answering Service?

So just what is a live answering service? We’re glad you asked. Such services provide on-demand customer support for businesses and organizations of all varieties. From doctor’s offices to attorney offices, apartment complexes to plumbers, a live answering service can ensure there is always a friendly, knowledgeable person available to answer the phone. These agents act as an extension of the business they’re assisting. In many cases, callers never realize they’re speaking with a third-party answering service.

A 24/7 live answering service is a great lead capture and customer service tool, but they’re also ideal for supporting busy employees. If you and your colleagues need help maintaining a healthier work/life balance, an answering service could be the solution. By providing quality service anytime they’re needed, live virtual receptionists lighten the administrative load for everyone. This often leads to increased productivity – imagine how much more you could get done with someone else handling your calls!

Benefits of a Live Call Answering Service

The benefits of a live answering service for small business are endless. For starters, our service can help eliminate many of the most common phone frustrations. Voicemail, for instance, is largely viewed as a nuisance these days. Nobody wants to leave a message. Callers are much more likely to just hang up and dial your competitor. With a live answering service at your disposal, you can eliminate this outdated piece of technology from your process completely. Instead, your callers will speak with resourceful, polite and highly-trained receptionists any time they dial your number. Speaking to a real person ensures them that they are in good hands and that their reason for calling is being attended to.

woman providing live receptionist answering serviceA live answering service can also help ensure callers aren’t put off by frustrating automated systems. While such systems can save time and labor costs, they have a way of alienating customers. Even the most clear-spoken of callers can find themselves annoyed by the way these systems mishear speech. And nobody wants to sit through prompt after prompt pressing 1 for this, 3 for that, and so on until the system tells them they will be placed on hold for 20-60 minutes. Many people don’t even bother attempting to communicate with automated systems anymore – they ask to speak with an agent immediately. Cut to the chase with a live receptionist answering service.

Another major benefit of partnering with live answering service companies is the flexibility of coverage. Perhaps you and your team have the phones covered during business hours, but are looking for support after you head home each night. Maybe you prefer to hand over all inbound calls to a professional virtual receptionist. If you’re a solo operation and need coverage while you’re away from your desk, there’s an option available, too. No matter your industry or specific set of requirements, there are flexible, affordable plans to meet every need.

Prioritizing the Customer Experience

A live answering service can be tailored to the precise demands of your callers. There’s truly no one-size-fits-all approach to the customer experience. Instead, customized call scripts help ensure that each conversation is handled with care and consideration. While the idea of a script might sound forced, the reality couldn’t be more different. Custom scripts help to minimize awkwardness while presenting a professional face for your organization.

A call script is just the beginning of designing a memorable, rewarding customer experience. A live call answering service can help align your intentions with your actions in other ways, too. You might, for instance, imagine a scenario in which each customer service call begins with a meaningful exploration of a caller’s motivations and resources. The realities of business, however, can make such in-depth conversations difficult to come by. By partnering with a live answering service, you’ll gain the resources necessary to execute your dream customer experience.

Quality Live Receptionist Answering Services from MAP Communications

The truth is, there’s no shortage live answering service companies from which to choose. MAP Communications has emerged as an industry leader over our three decades in business. Based in the United States, our organization is 100% employee-owned – meaning we only succeed when you do. With our interests aligned so closely, there’s no limit to all we can achieve.

See the difference for yourself with a live answering service free trial. To learn more about MAP and to request your free trial now, simply click here.

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