Knock and the door will be opened. Call and the phone will be answered. With MAP Communications answering services for churches, each of your callers will get prompt attention and assistance.

person with their hands folded over the good book in prayer after calling a church answering service

Traditional business hours mean little when you’re serving both a higher power and your community. Thankfully, 24/7 support is possible with a church answering service at your disposal. MAP Communications provides answering services, virtual receptionists and call center services for churches of all denominations. No matter what time of day someone reaches out for a question about upcoming events, information about services, a prayer request, or for their scripture of the day, MAP ensures nobody is left out in the dark.

24/7 Support for Your Congregation

Your congregation takes comfort in the knowledge that you’re available any time of day or night. With MAP’s call answering services for churches, you can be. Friendly, compassionate receptionists are available to answer questions, take messages and forward on urgent requests to staff. Most churches must be conscious of their budget, which can make funding full-time phone coverage with office receptionists a real challenge. At a fraction of the cost of an in-house administrative assistant, MAP Communications offers affordable service to help ensure your congregation has access to a helpful representative at all hours.

Because we offer bilingual support for callers of all backgrounds, churches can extend their community reach. Live operators can provide kind assistance to members of your callers, carefully listening to their questions and concerns and addressing each with care. MAP employees consider themselves a member of your team, and we aim to embody your organization’s patience, understanding, and commitment to service.

Compassionate, Prompt Service

image of a receptionist providing answering services for churchesEach religious organization, every congregation, and all admin staff face different challenges and have unique ways they support each other. That’s why we create customized call scripts and tailor our services to each client’s specific set of requirements. Allow our answering service for churches to make it easier to spread the word about important information. Our church virtual receptionist service can help convey messages and updates callers might not hear about otherwise.

Church call center services can also bolster your organization’s administrative efforts. Many church leaders find themselves pulled between the ringing phone at their desk and volunteer work in the field. A partnership with MAP Communications can help maintain consistent communication with members of your congregation while freeing you up to tackle pressing items on your to-do list. By spending less time on the phone, you’ll have more time to dedicate to serving your community.

Our church answering service is staffed by highly-trained, compassionate virtual receptionists. Committed to providing the very best service possible, MAP employees are passionate, resourceful and eager to help. By handling incoming calls with the same patience and understanding as you would if you had the time, our receptionists reflect your commitment to your congregation.

A Stronger Community is Just a Call Away

We’re proud to partner with a diverse array of faith-based communities. Give our church call center services a try and you’ll see our commitment to the development of creative and easy-to-use solutions to common administrative challenges. In fact, we’re offering a free week-long trial of our live answering service right now. With zero commitment required, it’s a great chance to preview our services and see how much value we can bring to your church. Click here to get started.