Non-Profit Call Center Services

MAP Communications answering services and call center for non-profits helps organizations like yours achieve their goals.

five volunteers that use a call center for non-profits while they sort donations

Non-profits are used to doing a lot with a little. Tight budgets and limited cash flow don’t prevent these organizations from meeting their goals, though – necessity is the mother of invention, after all. Even when donations, grant money and fundraising dollars are steadily rolling in, extra cash often goes directly to the cause. Because of this shoestring operating strategy, hiring a full-time administrative assistant is often out of the question for such organizations. That’s when non-profit call center services come into play.

Too often, a missed call means missing out on a donation, sponsorship, or ticket sales for an upcoming fundraiser. With a call center for non-profits covering your phones, you’ll never again miss out on such important conversations. 24/7 availability, bilingual agents, call routing and customized call scripts ensure your callers will be handled with the same care and customer service you’d provide yourself – if you had the time!

How a Call Center for Non-Profits Saves Your Organization Money

A limited staffing budget shouldn’t hinder your ability to fundraise or connect with important stakeholders. Our answering services for non-profits is a great way to bridge the gap between your current administrative team and the kind of customer experience you’ve always hoped to deliver. A new receptionist requires a desk, computer, and other equipment to get started, not to mention sick leave, vacation pay, and other benefits. A non-profit answering service, on the other hand, can cost less than your monthly budget for office supplies.

Unlike in-house receptionists that punches out at five, our team works around the clock to answer every call, every time. With non-profit call center services on hand, you’ll never have to forgo family dinner in favor of donor phone calls again. Convenient call routing features ensure only the most important calls are forwarded to your specifications. Our highly-trained staff can easily discern the routine calls from the critical ones, which makes it easier for you to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Benefits of Working with a Non-Profit Call Center Service

four call center employees providing answering services for non-profitsYour team works hard, but with the phone constantly ringing, daily operations and important projects are frequently interrupted. With a call center for non-profits on hand to take your calls, you can preserve the integrity of your workflow without sacrificing important conversations with donors, strategic partners, and the community you help serve. Reliable, resourceful agents serve as an extension of your organization, presenting a professional image to each of your callers.

An answering service for non-profits can even help boost the efforts of your fundraising team. The more people you reach, the more donations you’ll collect. Every call is a new opportunity to share your enthusiasm for your cause and incite others to volunteer, donate or spread awareness. With our expert agents ready to answer questions, solve issues and assist with payments, it’s never been easier to connect with donors.

24/7 Answering Services for Non-Profits

Your organization plays an important role in your community. Make time to help others by having MAP Communications handle your calls. As a call center service provider for non-profits, we have the resources to accurately and efficiently cover your phone lines without busting your budget. With more than thirty years in the industry, we’ve risen to the top for a reason: our dedicated, professional team of talented people who are passionate about the success of your cause.

Harness our resources and solve many of the most frustrating administrative challenges. Fast, seamless service doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, we’re offering a one week trial of our live answering service for free, giving you the chance to preview our call center for non-profits with no obligation or risk. Sign up now to see how much value we can bring to your organization!

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