Tips for Nurturing Your Leads Into Customers

Quality lead conversion tactics are processes your marketing and sales teams need to develop to successfully move your prospects down the sales funnel to convert them into sales. It isn’t enough anymore to have your teams find the leads and then waiting for the prospects to make the next big step. Instead, you must follow through in nurturing the leads into becoming your customers.

Nurturing Leads to Customers

These prospects want to know why they should choose you as a company to work with, what you will offer to them that will fulfill their pain points, and how you will entice them in the future to make them into lifelong customers. Here are several tips you can use to nurture your leads into customers that are suited for your particular business.

Separate the Prospect Wheat from the Dross

You waste time, energy and your budget hunting down every lead and pushing them through your sales process even though the person isn’t a quality prospect.  It’s great that you are finding abundant leads, yet you have to separate them into several groups such as “prospects who have already decided to convert”, “prospects who need to be nurtured into a business relationship,” and “leads who are not a good fit with the products and services you offer.” Once you separate the quality prospects from those who simply aren’t interested in your business, you can place your time and resources toward more productive work in moving these people further down the sales funnel. A great way to accomplish this is to use our sales lead capture and lead qualification answering and virtual receptionist services.

Acknowledge the Lead

Let the prospect know you have heard their inquiries about your business. Normally an email is the quickest way to provide confirmation to your prospect, offer additional information about your business, and to gather more comprehensive information from your lead about their needs and desires. You can also provide other options for the prospect to stay in touch with your business such as through snail mail, instant message, and over the phone. Always get the prospect’s permission for your business to stay in touch with them.

Offer Them Value for Their Business

You are at the stage where the prospect wants to know more about what you can offer. Now is the time to provide more in-depth information, resources, and timely, quality content. This information gives the prospect a greater idea about your business, how you are an industry expert in your field, and what the prospect will gain when working with your company. You are still in the soft sell stage, with your objective more focused on providing them with quality content that educates them in making the best decisions based on their particular problems.

Hear What the Prospect is Telling You

Some prospects don’t give you a lot of information about themselves during the first contact with your company. So the issue makes it difficult for you to tailor your messages and content toward their specific needs. After you provided engaging content regarding your business, now is the time to listen to what your prospect tells you in return. What you are paying attention to is the prospect’s digital body language, which is the cumulative online activity the person is showing.

Whenever they post a comment on your website or social media site, click through on certain emails for more information, and increase page views on specific company sites, all this information tells you what the prospect is interested in. Their digital body language also helps you figure out how well you are nurturing the business relationship. This process lets you constantly tweak your sales funnel activities to continue to push the prospect toward the conversion stage.

Monitor Progress up to the Buyer Conversion Time

Maintain continual forward sales momentum with your leads through quality nurturing tactics that strengthens the trust and commitment your company will give to the prospect. While it will take some leads longer than others to convert into sales, you have developed an effective process that allows you to keep in contact with the prospect, offer them value if they decide to do business with you, and targets the prospect’s needs by tracking their online interactions.  By nurturing your leads, you have increased your chances on turning more of them into loyal customers.

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