How Your Small Business Can Enjoy Summer Vacation

As a small business owner, it can be a challenge to enjoy a summer vacation. You want to make sure your employees can take their vacation, but you need to keep your shop open to take advantage of seasonal shoppers and stay accessible by phone for customers near and far. One simple solution is to partner with a small business answering service and enjoy a summer vacation without the worry.

How An Answering Service Can Support Your Small Business During the Summer

Summer can be a busy time of year for small businesses. Whether you run a small inn or hotel, or a shop or restaurant, you know that people on vacation are out to spend money. Being available for an increase in customers can give your bottom line a big boost, and earn your business a reputation as a “must visit” spot for regular vacationers. When you partner with a professional answering service for small businesses, you can increase your company’s availability without necessarily increasing your brick-and-mortar hours. A team of trained call center staff can easily provide information to current and potential customers about your products or services, as well as your hours, location, and any other information regarding specials, promotions, availability, etc.

With a solid call center staff, you can free up your own need to constantly be available for your employees and customers. Give yourself some time off, and trust that your team can handle whatever happens in store and use a call center partnership to handle whatever comes over the phone lines so things run smoothly while you’re away.

Year Round Benefits of a 24/7 Call Center

Using an answering service for small businesses is a great way to accommodate staff time off, but the benefits extend all year long. Use a call center to help manage bookings and reservations, and/or handle phone orders or requests for information. Having a dedicated call center means that anyone who calls your company will get a prompt, professional answer every time, with no busy signals or wait times. In addition, a responsive call center means that you can easily triage calls without having to direct your focus, or your staff’s focus, away from the customers who are right there in front of you.

From helping to handle high volume call times during summer or the winter holidays, to simply expanding your team’s daily capacity to answer calls, a devoted answering service for small business will help you grow your company by pleasing your regulars, and impressing new potential leads. It’s a simple way to delegate the basic, but essential, tasks that keep your small business running well all year long. So, what are you waiting for? Go stick your toes in the sand and leave that ringing phone to the pros!

For more information on how MAP Communications can assist your small biz with quality small business answering service support, please get in touch today! We’re a customer focused company committed to delivering customized answering and virtual receptionist services to businesses large and small. From summer vacation to winter holidays and everything in between, MAP Communications will have you covered!

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