Providing Better Care for Your Patients

As any doctor knows, excellent patient care is right at the center of any successful medical practice. Yet great medical care extends beyond treating patients effectively and respectfully — communication and accessibility are also of vital importance.

With that in mind, let’s review a few reasons why a doctor answering service helps you to deliver better care to patients.

It helps ensure that you’re accessible

Being a physician means dealing with issues of the most serious variety. When patients are concerned or anxious about their health, having access to their doctor is critically important. It reassures them, and also sends a message that their physician cares about them on not only a professional level, but a personal level. On the other hand, if a doctor’s office is inaccessible, the stress and anxiety of patients may be exacerbated. This can be discouraging to a patient and may even cause them to find another physician who is more readily available.

It helps promote accuracy

In the medical field, few things are more important than accurate information. Incomplete or inaccurate data may lead to avoidable errors — and that’s certainly something to be evaded at all costs when dealing with health care. In addition, it’s imperative that your business is HIPAA-compliant and follows all the correct procedures and steps to keep patient information secure. Fortunately, physicians can rest easier knowing that they have a professional, HIPAA-compliant answering service working to help provide clear, complete and secure information.

It makes patients feel better about the process

Medical schools teach that bedside manner is a critical part of a physician’s job. Yet bedside manner extends beyond the hospital bed; every interaction a patient has with a doctor or a member of the medical staff influences their overall perception of patient care quality.

This also covers communication that takes place over the phone. If patients have to deal with a back and forth game of voicemail tag, those patients are likely to feel that their needs are not being optimally served. A courteous, professional physician answering service, however, makes patients feel that they are valued and respected.

It provides a sense of professionalism

In today’s world, both consumers and medical patients expect a certain degree of professionalism from their phone interactions. Offices that are unreachable during busy or critically important times deliver a negative signal to callers. Using an answering service for primary care physicians, however, gives patients the impression that they are dealing with a professionally managed operation that places importance on accessibility. Patients can have confidence that their doctor’s office is staffed appropriately and run in tune with their needs.

It leads to greater efficiency

Let’s face it: Doctor’s offices are busy places. In the whirlwind of activity that surrounds modern patient care, any opportunity to reach greater levels of efficiency should be seized. A doctor answering service can help provide greater efficiency by ensuring that physicians don’t miss important calls. This means less time playing catch up — and more time delivering top notch care for patients.

The takeaway

Outstanding patient care is critically important to any successful medical practice. By using a professional answering service, physicians can ensure that they remain accessible to patients and aware of their needs. Let MAP Communications help you better provide for your patients. Try a 7-day free trial and see the results for yourself.

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