Leaks Work at All Hours: 24-Hour Answering Service for Plumbers

If you’re a plumber, you already know that your customers’ demands can be quite urgent. A leaky pipe or an overflowing toilet isn’t the kind of thing anyone wants to talk to an answering about, but it’s not always realistic to answer every 3:00 am phone call. So how can you stay responsive and accessible, without employing a 24-hour team? Well, with a 24-hour answering service, of course.

Answering the Call: How 24-Hour Call Service Can Help Your Plumbing Business

Using a call service can be a great way to deal with customer calls quickly, while helping you triage plumbing crises efficiently. A dedicated phone line that connects your callers to a real person, every time, can make a significant difference to a customer who is in the heat of the moment and dealing with a soaking wet floor or ceiling. A live person on the phone will not only give them the sense of being heard and understood, but this call can also be the first step in your workflow when you need to dispatch overnight workers to start the true emergency jobs right away.

And if the call is not a true emergency? You work with your call service team on clear scripts to communicate next steps to your customers, so they know when they can expect a call back about service first thing in the morning. A call service can give your plumbing business the best of both worlds: fast, real time response to customers, no matter the hour, plus an added layer for you to manage and prioritize calls before committing to a service plan.

Why Answering Matters More Than Action

If you’re in the plumbing business, you’ve likely figured out how to provide quality, professional service to people who need it in a pinch. And you’re also well aware that emotions can run high when I plumbing emergency strikes. With a 24-hour call answering service for plumbers, you can give your customers the relief of having a real person answer the call and listen to exactly what’s going wrong. The customer will still expect their issue to be resolved as soon as possible, of course, but the experience of having that call answered can help begin to set their mind at ease. When your plumbing business can calm a customer, half your work is already done! Next, you’ll just have to schedule the service, and/or dispatch help as soon as your plumbing team has the capacity to respond.

And the alternative isn’t pretty. When a customer calls with a crisis and listens to a phone ring and ring, or hears a generic answering machine, they’ll keep pushing until they find someone, anyone, who will actually answer the phone and listen to their plumbing needs. Shouldn’t that someone be your business?

For more information on how to set up a 24-hour plumber call answering service that meets your plumbing practice’s requirements, contact MAP Communications at 888-252-6555. We’re a customer service focused business devoted to providing solutions that improve your customer relationships, and we’d love to talk about a call service strategy that works for your customers, and your bottom line.

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