How Mobile Technology Has Transformed Your Business

In the past few decades, you have watched mobile phones go from a novelty owned by only a few people to a common tool utilized by nearly every consumer. These devices have altered the landscape of the business world in a number of ways, and the changes continue to come. In order to remain relevant and maximize your profits, you have to be able to use mobile technology to your advantage.

mobile technology

Effects of Mobile Technology

Some of the most notable effects of mobile technology on business include:

1. More phone calls and emails.

Thanks to mobile phones, your business is now receiving more calls and emails than ever before. Consumers who have questions or concerns can contact your business from virtually any location during the day. If consumers don’t know your phone number or email address, this information is readily available online as well.

2. More opportunities to interact.

Mobile technology isn’t used for calling or emailing exclusively. In fact, Smart Insights reports that more than 25 percent of time spent on mobile devices involves social media. Social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter, offer additional opportunities for your business to interact with consumers on a daily basis. Businesses can establish profiles on social media networks, form connections with consumers and then use these connections to build strong relationships.

3. A new way to market.

By adding mobile marketing to your arsenal, your business can reach a more expansive audience of consumers. Because of mobile devices, your business can engage consumers via text message, social media, blogs and more. Consumers can also use their mobile devices to read your emails, download branded apps and even present in-store coupons.

4. A new way to buy.

Consumers can even use their mobile devices to make purchases from your store. Whether they make the purchase online, through a branded application or by calling, mobile technology has most likely boosted your sales.

5. Faster response times.

The use of mobile devices allows both you and your consumers to respond to one another more quickly. Most people have their mobile devices with them at all times, which means that they can receive new communications and issue responses instantaneously.

Taking Advantage of Mobile Technology

If your business isn’t already taking advantage of mobile technology, it should be. Below are some tips to help you put this resource to work for you.

1. Display your phone number prominently.

Many people will visit your website from a mobile device with the goal of finding your phone number. Make sure your number is prominently displayed so that consumers can locate it easily.

2. Equip yourself to handle increased call volumes.

Nothing is more frustrating for a consumer than calling a business and being subjected to a lengthy wait time. Make sure you have the resources to provide your customers with immediate attention by employing a call overflow answering service that takes care of any callers that you can’t get to right away.

3. Take advantage of marketing opportunities.

Mobile devices offer you a number of opportunities to reach consumers, from social media to text message campaigns. Incorporate all of these different strategies into your overall marketing campaign to get the most out of mobile.

4. Be mobile-friendly.

Even though many people will still call your business or visit in person, some will want to buy online. Make sure they are able to make purchases easily via mobile devices. Throughout every phase of the online purchase process, you should also display your phone number for customers who have questions.

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