How to Grow Your Dental Practice with an Answering Service

Whether you’re a one-person office or you have multiple dentists and assistants working for you, our dental answering services can help you grow your business. From answering calls while you are with patients, to appointment scheduling and even after-hours answering services, a dedicated professional call service will improve your customer service so you can focus on what you do best–improving smiles and building your business!

Forget Answering Machine Angst

If you run a small dental practice, you have no choice but to simply let the phone ring while you’re working on your current patient. This means not only do your customers fail to get a real, live person on the phone, but then you’re also stuck with the task of sifting through messages at the end of a long day.

Using a dental answering service can eliminate both of these issues. When you use a professional call service, your current and potential customers will always get a friendly, live receptionist on the phone. Call service staff can provide much of the information that your callers are looking for, including hours and services offered, all without disturbing you while you’re hard at work caring for one of your dental patients.

Easy Appointment Scheduling

In addition to providing information, a professional dental answering service can also assist with managing your dental clinic’s schedule. This eliminates the time-consuming back and forth that often happens when your patients leave messages about scheduling, thus leading to a never-ending game of phone tag. Instead, your dental answering service can manage the heavy lifting of appointment scheduling, so you can be sure that you’re using your time as efficiently as possible, and keeping a full calendar of appointments.

After Hours Answering

What happens if one of your patients has a dental emergency after hours? A dental answering service can be on call 24/7 to respond to calls. That means that no matter what time of day or night, your patients will get a real, live person on the phone who can offer them a listening ear, and provide accurate information about how to proceed if they’re experiencing a dental emergency. The call center can ensure your patients know what to do and how to access late night medical help, and they can also schedule that patient in for a follow-up visit so that you’ll be able to personally monitor the situation and reassure your patient. It’s not only a great way to build patient loyalty; it’s also the caring, ethical way to operate your dental practice!

Managing your own dental practice can be exciting and empowering, but also a lot of work. Let the professionals at MAP Communications take on your dental answering service requirements, so you can watch your practice and your patients’ oral health improve dramatically! We offer customized, customer focused solutions for dentists across the country with our 24/7 dental answering services. We’d be happy to discuss a call center solution that helps support your growing dental practice–call us today!

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