Developing a Consistent Customer Service Voice

Important branding lessons that your small business can learn from big businesses.

When you think of large, successful companies like Apple and Amazon, you know exactly what defines each of those businesses.  Apple is typically associated with innovative, functional and minimalist design under a premium pricing model, while Amazon is associated with speed, efficiency, and value. Each of these companies can attribute their success to any number of factors and decisions. However, one distinguishing characteristic of both companies is that they each have a consistent customer service voice.

Put another way, both Apple and Amazon give their customers a feeling that they are valued, and that feeling is consistent at every interaction point with their customers.

What small businesses can learn from successful large corporations

There are plenty of great lessons that small business owners can learn from the successful practices of large corporations. The consistent customer service voice of both Apple and Amazon (as well as many other large and popular companies) is one example.

Of course, it’s important to consider the fact that large corporations tend to have significantly greater resources than small businesses. How, then, can small businesses create a consistent voice across all interaction points?

Customer service interaction points

The first step in creating a consistent customer service voice is identifying the specific interaction points your company will have with customers. While it is true that every industry and business type can have different interaction points, in general there are some standard interaction points, including:

  • Marketing: This is anything your company uses to earn brand recognition or explain the value of your products and services.
  • Digital content – Any content that your customers might find online, e.g. websites, social media pages, etc.
  • Physical content – Content that exists in the “real” world, e.g. flyers, billboards, etc.
  • Employees – Direct interaction with members of your company, either in person, on the phone, or online.
  • Products and services – The actual products and services you sell contribute to your company’s voice as well.

Each of these interaction points has an impact on the perception of your company, so it’s worth investing time and effort into creating a consistent voice as much as possible.

Customer service calls are fundamental to a consistent company voice

Most small business owners are familiar with the concept of prioritization. Resources are finite, and taking actions with the greatest impact and return are essential to long-term success. One way that small business owners can have a substantial impact on the consistency of their branding and voice is by outsourcing to a cost-effective company that specializes in customized customer service.

MAP Communications helps small businesses create a customer service department that can rival the best corporations. We work with you to develop a consistent voice, and ensure that there is a seamless transition between calls we take and calls that are handled by your internal staff. Our small business call center services are completely customizeable, so we really do function as an extension of your team.

To learn more about how MAP Communications can give your small business a consistent customer service voice and brand image, please try our 100% free 7-day trial.

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