Answering Service Solutions – Columbia, SC

South Carolina’s capital Columbia was admitted to the Union on May 23, 1788. It neighbors the Atlantic Seaboard fall line near the Appalachian Mountains. Its humid subtropical climate supports agriculture and grants Columbia the “Palmetto”, “Rice”, or “Swamp” state nicknames. The ferry in the 1880s began Columbia’s mass transit endeavors. Columbia’s 111,278 square miles are traveled by its 4,012,012 plus residents via the Metropolitan Airport, Greyhound bus lines, Silver Star trains run via Amtrak, or the three highways and one interstate spur in the central metropolitan area. This makes major city transit possible.  Businesses in Columbia require the use of a high quality outsourced Call Center and Answering Service. A live 24 hour telephone answering service is mission-critical for a small business that wants to continue to generate revenue after hours or during the day by way of a virtual receptionist. Having an emergency call center or answering service in the medical profession goes without saying, but having a local answering service as a small business owner is just smart business.