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Image of the LA skyline in sunny CaliforniaWe’ve been providing SoCal businesses with affordable answering services in Los Angeles for over 25 years. No matter what industry you are in, we can customize a live answering solution for you. Our proprietary call handling platform enables us to deliver a world-class customer experience for your callers that is sure to do wonders for your business.

If you are like many other small business owners in Los Angeles, you tend to wear multiple hats, and figuring out where your time goes each day would be no simple task. If you aren’t careful, distractions sneak in and steal your precious productivity – and there’s no bigger time thief than your office phone. This is why companies in Los Angeles choose MAP Communications as their 24 hour, live phone answering solution.

We understand the only reason phones are distracting is because calls can be important. This is why you’ll allow yourself to break concentration in the middle of a task, or interrupt an important meeting with a client to see who is calling. Maybe you are one of those ultra-focused types who refuse to break concentration, and let the call go to voicemail in the hopes that the caller is one of the 20% who actually leave a message.

What if there was a better, cost effective solution to all of these scenarios? With MAP Los Angeles answering service, your company can stay hyper-focused on what it does best while your callers get the professional phone experience they deserve thanks to highly-trained virtual receptionists who blend seamlessly into your customer support objectives.

25+ Years Of Los Angeles Answering Service Excellence

Image of the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, CaliforniaMAP Communications has spent nearly three decades building skills and efficiencies that you will immediately begin benefiting from when you start using our call center services. These skills have been developed across a wide range of industries and are passed through to your company by our experienced call agents. Think your Los Angeles company is too complex and/or unique to be supported by MAP’s professional phone answering services? Give yourself a chance to be pleasantly surprised by trying out our risk free, one-week trial designed to demonstrate how quickly MAP can customize a script for you, conform to your business, and become an asset you’ll soon come to rely on.

Short list of industries we serve with our Call Center Solutions in Los Angeles

“As a small business owner, I gladly pay for services that reduce stress and take a load off my shoulders. MAP Communications does that for me and as a small business owner, that’s worth its weight in gold.”


Considering Moving Your Business To The City of Angeles?

The Local Market

Image of the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, CAIf you haven’t yet been to Los Angeles (LA), it is very likely that you already know at least a little about it. This behemoth of a city is world-famous for being home to Hollywood, which has touched the lives of each person who has seen a major motion picture at one time or another. Beyond the obvious clout Hollywood brings to LA, the city is also the second-most populous city in the US with a 2015 census-estimate of 3,971,883. This gives local businesses the huge advantage of one of the largest markets in the country to do business in.

The Economy And Local Industry Expertise

The Los Angeles–Long Beach metropolitan area has a gross metropolitan product of $866 billion (as of 2015), making it the third-largest in the world. Which industries drive that economy? An economy of this magnitude is driven by an entire ecosystem of industries such as international trade, entertainment (television, motion pictures, video games, music recording, and production), aerospace, technology, petroleum, fashion, apparel, and tourism. Other significant industries include finance, telecommunications, law, healthcare, and transportation.

Importing Goods

If you are considering starting a company that does any kind of import, you will benefit from Los Angeles being connected to the contiguous ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Together these comprise the fifth-busiest port in the world and the most significant port in the Western Hemisphere. It’s a vital position for trade within the Pacific Rim. Connection to this major world trade port can enable you to receive and ship your goods faster and more efficiently than most companies located in the inner-continental US.

Local Resources: Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce – City of Los Angeles

Make Your Business Work For You

It’s time to start making your business and your phone calls work for you, and not the other way around. Take your business to the next level and start giving your customers the dedicated time and attention they deserve.

Start your risk-free, one-week trial today. See how quickly MAP’s fleet of live phone agents can become the seamless customer service solution you’ve been looking for. Sound too good to be true? Try us. Earning business is what we do.


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Zip Codes: 90001, 90002, 90004, 90006, 90006, 90007, 90008, 90011, 90016, 90018, 90019, 90024, 90027, 90066, 91331, 91335, 91402

We provide live California answering services all throughout the state. Here are some other CA markets we serve: Anaheim, Fresno, Long Beach, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Ana