Message Taking Service

The age of voicemail is over – long over, actually. While we might once have depended on voicemail to communicate messages when someone can’t get to the phone, these days, most folks simply hang up at the first sound of such an outdated tool. That’s because voicemail messages are seen as a nuisance to both sender and recipient. Nobody likes leaving voicemail messages, and nobody likes listening back to them later. It’s no wonder so many businesses are opting to partner with a message taking service rather than rely on such outdated technology.

message taking service

What is a Message Taking Service?

Taking messages isn’t exactly exciting – it’s why we all collectively outsourced the chore to voicemail for so many years. Message taking is, however, fairly essential to the running of any modern business. In between answering the phone, meeting with clients, and fixing paper jams in the copier, the average office staff is typically more focused on completing daily duties and tasks than they are on taking messages. That’s where a message answering service can come into play.

A live message taking service can be the voice of your organization when you’re too busy to come to the phone. The modern equivalent of a voicemail system, such a service provides convenient, elegant administrative solutions to many of the most annoying parts of conducting business. After partnering with such a service, your callers will be treated to a conversation with a pleasant, professional receptionist eager to take their message when you’re unavailable. The receptionist can answer initial questions the caller might have and leave a detailed message for your team with any unfinished business that warrants a follow-up.

Callers and colleagues alike can benefit from having a message taking service at their disposal. Rather than letting messages stack up to be listened to later, your team can scroll through the details of their missed calls at their convenience. Callers appreciate the added level of customer service, especially when their questions can be quickly resolved by a knowledgeable receptionist. It’s a true win-win for everyone involved.

Benefits of Using a Message Taking Service

The elimination of outdated voicemail reliance is just the beginning. A message taking service adds tremendous value to any organization simply by lending a trustworthy voice to callers in need. It’s impossible for business owners to be present for every client conversation. In their absence, highly-trained professional receptionists serve as the face of the organization, providing the first impression for many first-time callers.

Custom message scripting helps ensure that your organization’s policies and procedures are followed to the letter. Receptionists use the same language and phrasing as your team, providing a seamless transition between your administrative team and ours. In many cases, callers don’t realize they’re speaking with a third-party telephone messaging service. Instead, they’re simply delighted not to have to leave a voicemail – and eager to get their questions answered by helpful professionals. No matter your industry, messaging services help you connect with more callers and make a positive impression.

Affordability is another key benefit of partnering with a message taking service. Since we only charge you for the time we spend actively answering your calls, message taking from MAP Communications is affordable and within the budgets of most businesses. While you might wonder whether it’d be cheaper to hire additional administrative employees to take messages, the math is revealing.

Imagine how much it might cost in both dollars and labor to place a job advertisement, spend time interviewing and then onboarding a candidate, outfitting them with supplies and technology, and then granting them benefits like paid time off. It’s a tall order that just doesn’t stack up financially against our affordable after hours message service plans.

Why Choose Our Message Answering Service

Business owners wear a lot of hats. They juggle the management of employees while attempting to deliver on customer expectations. Just keeping the lights on is a success in itself. Answering phones and taking messages just aren’t priorities of most busy entrepreneurs. In a post-voicemail world, a message taking service isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

If you feel like you’ve been spinning too many plates for far too long, it may be time to partner with a telephone messaging service. Imagine how much more you might accomplish in the day if you weren’t constantly interrupted by the ringing of the telephone. When each missed call represents a new missed opportunity, simply letting calls roll to voicemail isn’t really an option. That’s why so many businesses opt to partner with MAP Communications.

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