Call Center Services for Telecom Companies

Telecom businesses of all types are taking their customer service to the next level with MAP Communications telecommunication answering and virtual receptionist services.

Image of a group of agents who provide call center services for telecommunication companies

Instant communication occurs now more frequently than at any other time in history. Consumers expect to be connected to their friends, family, loved ones and yes, even companies with which they’re doing business at the click of a button. The telecommunications business is incredibly fast-paced, and there’s a constant push and pull between maintaining profits while keeping customers satisfied. Unfortunately, the telecom industry often conjures connotations of frustrating customer experiences. We believe that it doesn’t have to be that way and we’re committed to helping change that perception. The best part? We’re doing it in a cost-effective manner that telecom companies can get excited about. MAP Communications call center services for telecommunication businesses is the ideal solution to enhancing customer service economically.

We create customized answering and virtual receptionist services for telecommunication companies of all sizes and backgrounds. Whether you’re an internet provider looking to provide 24-hour call coverage, a phone company that wants to outsource tier one tech support, a radio station requiring extra support with incoming calls, or a cable company eager to improve customer service with live, US-based agents answering every call, MAP has the solutions you require. The improved customer support we can help provide will enable you to stand out among the competition. On top of these benefits, a telecom and cable call center can also help reduce staffing costs. From any vantage point, it’s a win-win.

Exceeding Expectations with our Call Center for Telecommunications

MAP Communications telecom call center services go above and beyond what you might expect. Our team of professional and highly-trained agents never put callers on hold as they each have our full attention whenever they call. We work to develop customized call scripts with each of our clients, ensuring that their high standards for communications are indeed being met. Passionate about the conversations we have with customers and clients each day, we’re eager to treat your callers the way you would if you could answer the phone each time it rang.

Image of call center agents handling phone calls for telecom businessesOur experienced staff can provide customers the support they need to add to or change their current plan, but we can also schedule appointments for technicians to come out for service appointments. The MAP telecommunications call center team can also help answer billing questions, provide help desk support, and give information about outages and service interruptions. All of this leaves you free to focus resources on your core competencies. The options are endless and so are the talents of the MAP team.

Every call we handle is logged to our secure online portal where you can dive into specific call details or get an informational overview on call trends. Our helpful dashboard is an ideal tool for call and message management, and it’s included at no additional cost to each of our telecom clients.

Partner with the Telecom Call Center Services Leader

MAP Communications has been a leader in the call center industry for decades. 100% based in the United States with a staff of bilingual employees, we’re up for any call that comes our way. While other call centers may offer similar services, we’ve set the gold standard for customer service in the telecom industry.

Curious about how outsourcing your calls with MAP could work for your company? Try our award-winning call center services absolutely free for a whole week. With no commitment required on your part, the trial is a great way to preview the impact MAP can have for your company. Get started today by giving us a call or filling out this form. Your only regret will be that you didn’t reach out sooner!

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