Answering Services for Plastic Surgeons

Plastic Surgery Answering Service and Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services

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Our professional live receptionists are available to handle phone calls 24/7 for cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons. Your clients deserve the best care and it all starts when they dial your office. We’ll work with you to develop a fully customized (and affordable) plastic surgeon answering service script so that our virtual receptionists can meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Anybody that is going under the knife is going to be nervous. It’s your job to ease their burden by reassuring them and then delivering fantastic results. It’s our job to help you do those things. By providing a friendly, helpful voice on the other end of the line no matter when your patients call, we can make them feel like a priority. Also, by taking care of your phone calls, we enable you to focus on your in-person patients while never having to worry about missed calls or opportunities.

We work with all types of plastic surgeons across the United States. Some are reconstructive surgeons who perform procedures that correct deformities or restore normal appearance and function. Others are cosmetic surgeons who reshape, adjust, and enhance appearances. Either way, we treat every caller with care and respect to make sure they they know they can trust your surgical practice.

A plastic surgery answering service can help bridge the gap between your patients and the information, advice, and support they need. More than perhaps anything else, patients want open communication and 24-hour resources in the days and weeks before and after surgery. A plastic surgery call center with professional receptionists can provide just that.

Fully HIPAA-Compliant Reconstructive and Cosmetic Answering Service

Image of a patient about to undergo plastic surgeryAs plastic surgery becomes more and more popular, many offices have begun to see an uptick in the number of calls they receive. These informal consultations can mean more business, but they also tend to tie up phone lines for patients in need of access. With a plastic surgery receptionist service, your patients will never again be put on hold, sit through continuous ringing or be sent to voicemail. By ensuring a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable representative answers the phone every time it rings, you’ll see both business and patient satisfaction skyrocket.

To earn the trust of patients, plastic surgery offices must be accessible above all else. After a procedure is complete, many patients are sent home with detailed sheets of aftercare instruction. Inevitably, questions will arise about carrying out these tasks, and your patients won’t always want to wait until business hours to get answers. A plastic surgery answering service can help bridge this gap, with friendly receptionists answering many of the most common questions about your services, policies, and recommendations.

Of course, privacy is also a must when earning the trust of patients. HIPAA compliance isn’t optional, and your patients will be the first to sound the alarm when their rights have been violated. Given the intensely personal nature of many plastic surgery procedures, prioritizing privacy is crucial for any successful organization. We make sure our answering services for plastic surgery practices are 100% HIPAA-compliant to protect you and your patients.

At a fraction of the cost of hiring an administrative assistant, MAP Communications can provide 24-hour support for your plastic surgery office. HIPAA-compliant and well-versed in the needs of callers, our virtual receptionists are eager to educate, assist and support your patients. A reconstructive or cosmetic surgery answering service must offer both logistical support as well as reassurance to callers feeling anxious about their procedure.

Completely Customized Receptionist Services for Plastic Surgeons

Image of a woman providing receptionist service for plastic surgeonsBecause our team works with clients to develop custom call scripts to guide conversations with callers, you can rest assured that patients are receiving accurate information. While we pride ourselves on the ability to thoroughly research and understand a client’s offerings, we also defer to plastic surgery offices who want to convey a specific message via telephone. Whether we’re chatting with prospective patients or those who recently underwent surgery at your facility, MAP virtual receptionists are committed to caring for callers the way you would.

Affordable, comprehensive, and easy to use, MAP Communications offers the medical answering service support you require to reach as many patients as possible. Our cosmetic or reconstructive surgery answering service can provide the administrative support you necessary so you can maintain a healthier work/life balance, cut costs and increase communication between your office and your patients. With more than three decades of experience in the industry, MAP Communications has become a call center leader. Because we’re based in the United States, our native English-speaking receptionists provide clear communication to callers of all backgrounds. Bilingual receptionists are also available, ensuring you’re never missing out on new business or the opportunity to provide exceptional customer care because of a language barrier.

Get a Free Trial of our Live Answering Services for Plastic Surgeons

If you’re interested in learning more about our call center services for plastic surgeons, consider signing up for our free, week-long trial. With no obligation to continue using our live answering services after the trial ends, there’s no pressure and no hard selling – we’re confident enough in our plastic surgery receptionist services to let the results speak for themselves! Click here to learn more about MAP and to register for your free trial now.

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