Call Center Services for Pharmaceutical Companies

Fully customized pharmaceutical answering and virtual receptionist services to help you thrive in your industry.

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You might not normally draw comparisons between a call center and a pharmaceutical company, but the truth is that both seek to solve problems, help people get answers and push the boundaries of the way things are traditionally done. We like to think of ourselves as the cure for the common call center. Just as you offer your consumers a new way to treat their ailments, MAP Communications can provide customized solutions to common call handling challenges at your company. We offer comprehensive pharmaceutical call center services for drug response hotlines, product complaint lines, drug information services, market research and more.

Perhaps you’re hoping to enroll new patients in a new clinical trial and require some extra help with the process. Our skilled, experienced and bilingual virtual receptionists can help you bridge the gap between your team and the patients. Our pharmaceutical call center crew is prepared to walk callers through surveys to determine their eligibility for the trial and then sign them up for future opportunities. A clinical trial call center helps ease the stress of the logistics behind the scenes of the program.  Because our receptionists work from a customized script, you’ll never need to worry about the wrong message getting across.

Image of pharmaceuticals produced by the pharmaceutical industryMAP healthcare call center services for the pharmaceutical industry can also be helpful when handling complaint and feedback from the consumer. Should you need a team to man the phone lines after announcing a product recall, our team is ready to help convey the right message and document caller concerns. This kind of transparency is good for your reputation, but it means nothing if you are unwilling to talk with callers who are feeling anxious about their medicine. A patient, compassionate voice speaking on behalf of your pharmaceutics company can help sustain a relationship with a customer even after a recall.

Pharmaceutical and clinical research call center services ensure you and your callers get the best results

MAP Communications can also stand at the ready for callers who have questions about a given drug. We’re happy to help guide them to local distributors and pharmacies that carry the product they’re looking for. We can also help inform patients about side effects and any other information about which they might be curious. Patients will walk away from each conversation with our customer service agents feeling informed and confident about their pharmaceutical options.

Image of MAP Communications agents providing call center services for pharmaceutical companiesThe pharmaceutical industry is a notoriously expensive one, with millions of dollars poured into research and development each year. If you’re eager to save money wherever possible, look no further than MAP. A call center for pharmaceutical companies can save you countless hours and money. Our affordable services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Entrust your callers with our team and focus your attention – and budget – on more important things.

We customize every pharmaceutical call center solution exclusively for each client. So contact us today to tell us about what your pharma company is looking to accomplish and we’ll be happy to work with you to build an ideal plan that fits your budget while exceeding your expectations.

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