Pediatrician Answering Service & Pediatric Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services

MAP call center and answering services for pediatricians helps make sure your patients get the best care and that their parents have the best experience with your office.

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Pediatricians field all sorts of calls each day. From runny noses and bee stings to true medical emergencies, pediatric doctors must carefully discern the false alarms from the serious incidents all while providing a calm, understanding presence. While it’s nice to imagine your team being available to answer these phone calls around the clock, it’s simply impractical.

Since the phone doesn’t necessarily stop ringing because your office has closed for the evening, consider the ways in which a pediatrician answering service can best serve your team. Whether you’re looking to take a long overdue vacation or just need to run out for a quick appointment, having a pediatric call center available to answer your phones can be a huge help to both patients and your administrative employees.

Why Partner with an Answering Service for Pediatricians

When parents feel anxious about the health of their child, the last thing they want to hear is the sound of your office’s voicemail. A pediatric answering service can provide you with the extra assistance necessary to calm parental nerves and assuage their fears. While it would be nice to always be around to answer such calls, a receptionist service for pediatricians can handle the phones when you’re spread thin. Highly-trained, compassionate and caring MAP healthcare answering service receptionists are serious about the service they provide and are eager to assist your callers any way they can.

Fully customized, HIPAA-compliant pediatric answering service to ensure each caller gets the attention and support they need.

Image of a mother, child, and pediatricianPediatricians know all too well that emergencies aren’t limited to traditional business hours. While you might lock up the office at 5:00 PM, concerned parents will want to be able to call you night and day. Thankfully, an after-hours answering service for pediatricians can help ensure your patients are treated with the same care and respect you’d give them if you were available. MAP’s team of experienced administrative professionals works around the clock to ensure there’s always a kind voice on the end of the line. We work with our employees to help them quickly spot true emergencies and forward them on to whomever you’ve designated as an on-call contact while detailed messages are taken for the issues that can wait.

Benefits of a Pediatric Call Center

Your staff works hard, but even the most robust team can’t keep up with the pace of the MAP pediatric call center team. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we’re answering phones, scheduling appointments, answering questions, and routing calls. While you and your team head home for the night, we’re burning the midnight oil, chatting with Spanish-speaking callers about service offerings and taking messages from graveyard shift workers. Our versatility and availability is second to none, which is why we’ve been so favored among pediatricians over the last 30 years.

Best of all, our answering service for pediatricians is as affordable as it is useful. For a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time receptionist, you’ll harness the full force of our administrative might. Whether you opt to outsource all your inbound call handling or just turn on MAP services after you close the office at the end of the day, we know you’ll love the freedom, flexibility and affordability our service provides.

Customized Support for Busy Pediatrician Offices

Patients have a wide variety of needs, and it’s normal to have concerns about the level of service they’ll receive from a virtual receptionist. Rest easy knowing that MAP works from customized scripts written with your specific pediatric practice in mind. Collaborate with us to ensure callers receive the same standard of customer service every time we pick up the phone. Best of all, we’re HIPAA-compliant and up-to-date with the latest policies, procedures and regulations. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and we’re just as eager as you are to see your patients happy and healthy.

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MAP Communications receptionists serve as an extension of your office. We know how hard you and your team work to provide comprehensive care and patient customer service. By working thoughtfully with stakeholders, our virtual receptionists ensure our pediatrician call center services are just as effective and sensitive as the support you offer to each patient. Given the importance of the lives you touch, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Time is a precious commodity. Nobody knows that better than the pediatricians who watch little ones grow up before their eyes. With so many families eager to find the perfect doctor for their children, growing your practice can be easy – if only you had more time. By leveraging our receptionist service for pediatricians, you and your staff will have more time to spend with patients while callers get their questions answered and their needs addressed.

If you’re curious about how MAP can change your pediatrician office for the better, consider trying out a free week-long trial of our live pediatric answering services. We’re confident you’ll love the extra administrative support. Contact us today to get started. There is never any pressure to commit to working with MAP, nor is there any kind of obligation required after experiencing your free trial, but we think you’ll be eager for more.

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