Fertility Clinics

HIPAA compliant live answering services for fertility clinics available 24/7 to provide the best patient experiences.

Image of a healthcare professional providing a fertility consultation while their answering service takes phone calls

Fertility clinics play a vital role in modern society. Advancements in medical technology have afforded many couples the chance to start families despite limitations. MAP Communications fertility clinic call center services can help make this process a little simpler for your patients. We can help increase office productivity while cutting staffing costs and maintaining your reputation for stellar customer service – all while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Polite, Compassionate Service

When your patients are concerned about their health or fertility, they want the option to talk to a real, live human right away. This holds true from the time they begin exploring their options through the treatment process. It’s an intense time for many reasons, plus, given the number of changes the human body goes through during fertility treatments, it’s to be expected that they’ll be looking for extra support. Knowing what to expect is half the battle! Our fertility clinic answering service offers kind, compassionate responses to questions your patients have about their experience. By working from customized call scripts, our agents can provide the precise messaging you’d like to pass onto concerned patients.

Our answering services for fertility clinics also feature appointment scheduling, new patient screenings, and dispatch for particularly urgent calls. Since we’re a HIPAA compliant answering service, you’ll never have to worry about the security of patient information from our end. Bilingual receptionists can even help bridge the communication gap for Spanish-speaking patients too. No matter the reason for the call, our employees bring a sense of patience, compassion and kindness to each conversation.

Benefits of MAP’s Receptionist Service for Fertility Clinics

24/7 availability is what draws many fertility clinics to partner with MAP call center services for medical professionals. Our polished team of receptionists is standing by to take your calls no matter what time of day or night they might occur. Weekends and holidays are no exception – with MAP, your patients will never be sent to voicemail, sit through long ring times, or have to navigate an automated menu again.

Affordability also makes our fertility clinic receptionist service appealing. For a fraction of what it might cost to hire a full-time administrative assistant, you’ll harness the full power of MAP’s resources. If you’ve been hoping to bring on more staff to handle incoming calls but don’t want to pay another salary and benefits, MAP is the solution for which you’ve been searching.

Entrusting your patients with any third party can be scary at first, but our fertility call center services prioritize sensitive, compassionate care above all else. When your patients call in with questions about a procedure, concerns about their upcoming appointment, or requests for their treatment plan, MAP employees skillfully navigate the conversation. By connecting with callers on a human level first and foremost, we take a holistic approach to the traditional customer service model.

Try Our Answering Services for Fertility Clinics For Free

MAP is offering a free week-long trial of our live answering services for fertility clinics. Over the course of seven days, your callers will be treated to the very best customer service available. With no commitment required, the trial is the perfect opportunity a busy fertility clinic to see how much value we can bring to their organization. HIPAA compliant, affordable, and most importantly, sensitive to caller concerns, our team is ready to revolutionize the way important fertility conversations are handled over the phone. Get started now.

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