As a franchise owner, your callers expect “professional” at every touch point. MAP can provide peace of mind, knowing your calls are being professionally handled while you focus on your business.

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Answering Service and Call Center Solutions for Franchise Owners

Congratulations on being a franchise owner! You’ve taken steps to become part of a national team, but … if your phones are being answered on your cell or going to voicemail then you’re really operating like most other small businesses.

Leverage the national name to your advantage and have a MAP receptionist answer your phones and patch calls directly to you or your employees, or hold non-urgent calls for review at a later time. The options are numerous as we custom design a telephone answering solution to fit your own unique criteria.

By using our franchise answering service you will give your callers the impression of professionalism and knowledge which is the security blanket that makes people call recognized brand-name franchises in the first place. They want “professional” from the very first contact. Don’t blow it by using a ma-and-pa answering service or by using voicemail.

We’ll also provide you with dynamic and exciting online answering service and call center tools that help supervise and manage your staff, your jobs and activities, greatly improving accountability, and it also allows you to measure MAPs own performance and effectiveness as your franchise answering service.

MAP is not simply an answering service or call center; it’s an entire message management support system. Find out today why thousands of the most recognized franchises around the country trust MAP.


View a phone recording of how a MAP receptionist assists this caller in a real life scenario for a franchise business.

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