Live call handled by a MAP virtual receptionist for one of our hospitality clients:

Transcript of this live call between a guest and our hospitality answering service agent:

Agent: Thank you for calling the Inn at Twin Creek Farms. This is Megan. How may I help you?

Caller: Hello, I was on your website and was actually looking at a Queen’s room suite that you have available. My husband and I are interested in making a reservation for our anniversary in March of next year.

Agent: OK, I’ll be glad to assist you with that. May I ask who is calling please?

Caller: Oh I’m sorry, my name is Robin Stanley.

Agent: Thank you, Mrs. Stanley. One moment please while I check our availability for you. And what day in March is your anniversary?

Caller: It’s the 23rd of the month. We’re planning to stay both that Friday and Saturday.

Agent: Well we have both those days available for you. Would you like to book your reservation at this time?

Caller: Oh, yes please. Let’s go ahead and do it now before someone else does.

Agent: Very good. Your name is R-O-B-I-N, last name Stanley, S-T-A-N-L-E-Y?

Caller: Yes.

Agent: And is there anything special you’re looking for?

Caller: I’m not certain yet. I haven’t actually spoken to my husband yet. I was planning on making it a surprise for him.

Agent: And may I have your telephone number please?

Caller: Yes, it’s 410-523-1997.

Agent: And what is the best time for us to call you if needed?

Caller: I’m always available in the morning time. I tend to go out occasionally in the afternoon and evening.

Agent: May I have your email address please?

Caller: My email address is

Agent: And you said that you wanted to check in on Friday, March 23rd and check out that Sunday?

Caller: Yes.

Agent: And it’ll be yourself and Mr. Stanley. No one else, right?

Caller: That’s right.

Agent: And are you traveling with any pets?

Caller: Nope. Just my husband.

Agent: And because our inn is small, cancellations greatly affect us, so I’d like to quickly review the cancellation policy with you. If you cancel 22 days or more the full amount will be refunded. If it is 21 days or less we will attempt to rebook your room. If we’re successful we’ll refund you 75% of your booking fee. And if we are not successful, you will be liable for the entire booking fee.

Caller: I understand. I read that on the website before calling.

Agent: OK Mrs. Stanely, may I have your address please?

Caller: Sure, it’s 18520 Mission Hill Avenue in Damascus, Maryland, zip code 20872.

Agent: And the phone number you had given me earlier, is that your home phone number?

Caller: Yes, it is.

Agent: And do you have an alternate phone number?

Caller: My cell phone number is 410-200-6285, but I would like to be called at home please.

Agent: Of course, Mrs. Stanley. And what time would you like to check-in?

Caller: I’d say around 4 pm. There’s a few vineyards around we would like to visit before arriving.

Agent: Alright. And may I have your credit card information please?

Caller: Sure, it’s a Mastercard. The number is 5112 0001 0001 4252 and it expires in September of 2015.

Agent: And is the name on the card Robin Stanley?

Caller: Yes, but it has my middle initial which is V like Victor.

Agent: And how did you hear about us?

Caller: I was reading a travel magazine while at my doctor’s office. I don’t remember the title of it, but I saw the pictures and I read the article and I immediately fell in love.

Agent: Well that’s great to hear. Your room has been booked, Mrs. Stanley. And is there anything else I can do for you today?

Caller: Actually, do you happen to know what food they normally serve in the winter, early spring?

Agent: No ma’am, but I would be happy to have the innkeeper return your call and he will be glad to assist you with that.

Caller: Megan, you have been a real pleasure to speak with. I hope we get to meet you when we arrive.

Agent: Well thank you very much, Mrs. Stanley. I hope to see you as well and have a pleasant evening.

Caller: You too, dear.